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In the Wild (Teaser 2)

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1In the Wild (Teaser 2) Empty In the Wild (Teaser 2) on Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:46 pm

Thanks to Devan (the only one who said his opinion, thank you very much). I've finally decided to make my story more serious and plot crucial than my previous works (which were more comedic and harem like). This is the second part of the first chapter, and my last teaser. I really hope you few that care about my work and the work of others will like it.

Chapter 1: The Grand Reunion (continuation)

   Blackness spreads across the sky. In the middle of a black, grimly forest, stands a little boy with dark black hair, and beautiful green eyes. He calls out for his mother and father, but only darkness surrounds him. Once all hope of his parents is lost, the little boy walks deeper in the forest. Eventually, the little boy makes it to a cliff overlooking a bright, shining city. At the edge of the cliff stands a little blonde girl. Her dress is covered in blood, and a blood stained knife is in her hands. Tears are pouring down her face as she looks at the little boy.
  “Please! Run!” she starts to scream at him. The little boy stands there, but builds up the courage to slowly walk towards her. “No! It’ll make me kill you too!” She drops the knife. “Please save me.” the girl says as she slowly walks off the ledge.
   In a splitting second, the boy runs towards the falling girl. Without even thinking about his decision, the boy leaps of the cliff to rescue her. “I will never forget you! I will never let you die!” the boy screams as he tries to reach for her hand. Finally, he grabs her hand, inches from the ground.

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2In the Wild (Teaser 2) Empty Re: In the Wild (Teaser 2) on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:04 pm

Very interesting because we don't know what happened before it and nor do we know what will happen next. Guess the guy knows the girl from the past. Looking forward to the complete chapter.

In the Wild (Teaser 2) ReOGreh
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3In the Wild (Teaser 2) Empty Re: In the Wild (Teaser 2) on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:26 pm

Interesting. I have seen many small girls with knives and bloody dresses in animes : P I also seem to find such animes boring but it isn't bad when you are reading.

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