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Naruto The Last Movie's Latest Information.

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1 Naruto The Last Movie's Latest Information. on Thu Oct 30, 2014 10:23 pm

Trailer Pics which just aired of The Last


Message from Kishimoto


Translation(Credits to Rikudo on H&E Forums):"Given that the original work (manga) and the new movie are connected as much as possible, I would appreciate if you'll go to see the movie after you have finished to read the manga. (It's OK even you haven't read it! AHAHA). This movie is, putting it straight, about love! I never have a movie about it, so please enjoy Naruto.
Author: Kishimoto Masashi"

Some more promo material


Translation-Yet unreachable feelings?.

Is missing the secret feelings.
Approaching winter festival of hidden village. Naruto's ramen shop "Ichiraku',
Having fun with buddies who have grown together. During such,
Thoughts of Hinata to sneak knitted scarf, were still unreachable.
Hinata could only have been keep an eye on your hate.
At that time, the mystery man spin-offs. In the Nick of time Naruto got help
"You guys are doomed to fall. Ago Hinata, you're sure to pick up "and
Disappeared, leaving a strange word. And doomed to fall? Why is Hinata be targetted?
Along with the intense light at the time, meteorites pierced night sky.

Translation:Give hope to the next generation. Don't give up on the future.

Ootsutsuki Toneri. He is a descendent of Ootsutsuki Kaguya, the progenitor of chakra whom Naruto and Sasuke once fiercely battled against. In that moment, Toneri appears along with a team of puppets, and devastates Naruto and his friends with overwhelming power. And eventually, Hinata falls into his grasp. At the same time, the massive defensive battle against a meteor falling to earth nears its limit. What is the "True End Plan" spoken of!? What is the Ootsutsuki clan, and what is the sorrowful destiny between it and Hinata's Hyuuga clan!? The last day of Earth nears, and everyone's unwavering feelings cross time and clash!



"Narrator: Naruto's final story!
(Text: The falling of the moon...)
Naruto: There's something I have to tell you... So wait for me.
Hinata: Naruto!
(Text: The countdown to the destruction of the human race)
(Text: A gathering of ninjas that tie their lives to the new era.)

Narrator: See out the gathering that took 15 years in the making! The Last Naruto the Movie!
(Text: 12/6 - For the sake of the new era)

Narrator: It will finally be completed!"

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my heart is crying Q_Q i can't let go of Naruto 
Why they ending it T_T
Plus i have a Great Feeling this Movie will be a Blast !!

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