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Fainaru Harumagedon [Teaser 1] (Part 2 of 2)

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-Yuushi turn-
{Yuushi 8000 [()] 7000 Toon}

[Yuushi draws card]
{Yuushi <><><><><> [()]  Toon}
Yuushi said "It's amusing when monster effects work against them. Plus, You just wasted away your hand."

Yuushi flip summons MONSTER: (FF-Wolf - 0 ATK/ 1900 DEF = [LV3][A])
Yuushi said "Wolf, Activate your effect!, Tensu and Tensen!" Wolf's flames began to intensify and two orbs shot out from the flames and 2 cards were set down directly from the deck.
Yuushi activates SPELL: Fire Formation -Tensu
Yuushi said "With this card in play, I get to normal summon two of my monsters every turn, This will become a very quick duel."
Yuushi summons out MONSTER: (FF-Swallow - 2000 ATK/800 DEF - [LV5][A]) by tributing Wolf.
Toon said "ohh, Big tough guy, Too bad he never appeared."
Toon activated facedown TRAP: (Solemn Warning)
-(-2000 to Toon)
-Swallow's Summon Negated and destroyed
{Yuushi 8000 [()] 5000 Toon}
Yuushi said "Oh well, I can normal summon again anyway."
Yuushi summoned out MONSTER: (FF-Snake - 1800 ATK/600 DEF - [LV4][A]

Yuushi said "Snake, Attack Cannon Soilder!"
Toon activated Toon Defense
-Snake attack redirected as Direct
-(-1800 to Toon)

{Yuushi 8000 [()] 3200 Toon}

Yuushi said "You are just making this easier for me, you are basically killing yourself!"
Toon said "Costs have to be made in order to win."

-Toon Turn-

Toon Draws a card
{Yuushi <><><> [()] <> Toon}

Toon activated SPELL: (Mage Power)
-Equip to Toon Gemini Elf
MONSTER (Toon Cannon Soilder - 1400)
MONSTER (Toon Gemini Elf - 3400)

Toon said "Now that I have Toon World on my field. My monsters can attack you directly!"
Toon Cannon Soilder attacks Yuushi directly!

Toon said "That looked like it hurt, Well, Let my other one have a shot."
Toon Gemini Elf attacks Yuushi directly!

{Yuushi 3200 [()] 3200 Toon}
Toon said "Well, My monster's effect is now activated, When Toon Gemini Elf inflicts battle damage to your life points, you discard one random card!"
-Yuushi randomly discarded Fire Formation - Yoko
Yuushi said "Woah, I underestimated your toons. However, Since a fire Formation card was sent to the grave, Snake activates his effect. Snake! Tensen!"
Snake's flames intensified and an orb shot out of the flames to set down a Fire Formation - Tensen
{Yuushi <><> [()] <><> Toon}

Toon said "Well, Not's not all it, I can activate Toon Cannon Soilders effect!, I can tribute Toon cannon Soilder in order to  inflict 500 points of damage to you!"
-(-500 to Yuushi)
{Yuushi 2700 [()] 3200 Toon}
Yuushi fell to his knees and tried to catch his breath from all the damage he has taken.
Toon said "You never stood a chance, After I am done with you, We will turn in that Master you have and we will become rich! We can rise out of this stupid library!. We end our turn, I highly doubt you can turn this back around."

-Inside Yuushi's Mind-
Maybe I have bitten off more than I could chew. These women are dangerous, if they get to Souko, then, No. We need Souko, I believe he will assist us in our battle against Meta Strife. But, untill then, I need to protect him at all costs.

Yuushi Draws a card
-Inside Yuushi's Mind-
That's it! That's what I need! Brotherhood of the Fire Fist - Gorilla! Now the real game has started!

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