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Pokemon X and Y: Review

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1Pokemon X and Y: Review Empty Pokemon X and Y: Review on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:43 pm

Pokemon X and Y: Review
So as you guys know Pokemon X and Y has been released. For the past couple of days I have been playing it continuously, Finishing the game Breeding,Trading everything. I am now at a point where I am all set and just need to train my Pokemon. But for those of you that don't got the game are really missing out on a great franchise. This may be the best Pokemon game ever! and I will list my reasons why.

Experience Point Share: 
We all loved this item in the past gens allot. It was the best way to train all your Pokemon at once. Since the experince you get from a battle was shared with all your Pokemon. Well guess what this is not a item you need to hold anymore. In fact it can now be a item you can turn on and off within your bag. Very handy right? Moving on to the next!

Super Training
Super Training is a new introduction to this game. Its very handy way of training. In this thing you train your Pokemon for EVs. It also keeps track of what EVs your Pokemon got. For those of you that don't know what EVs stand for, then it stands for Effort Value. These effort values are added to your stats, In other words its a training to increase the stats of your Pokemon. Its very handy and very much needed if you want the best out of your Pokemon. In old gens you would need to fight certain Pokemon that drop these. But now with super training its even more easier to EV train. You get put in mini games that make you shoot the soccer ball into a net and you earn EVs. Depending on the difficulty your in you will earn EVs. 

(easy) Level 1: 4 evs
(Normal) Level 2: 8 evs
(Hard) Level 3: 12 Evs

 You earn punching bags to even make the process go faster. But yeah thats enough about Super training Moving on!
Pokemon Variety
The variety of Pokemon you can find is very great in this game. In fact you could get a Pokemon like Snorlax before you even reach the second badge. That's enough for me to say there. 

Catching Pokemon Can Earn you Experience:
Yup you read that right, catching Pokemon now earn you experience. Making catching Pokemon a fun hobby. 

Wifi Trading And Battling
They have improved on this allot. You can now battle people at any given time. You don't even need to be in the Pokemon Center! This goes for trading as well. The best part is you can set the levels to 50 and only would need to worry about your move sets and EVs. 
That's all I will put for now, Now the real question is, is this worth a buy? In my oppoin it is.If you love Pokemon then you will love this game even more. In my eyes the best Pokemon game i have played. Its leaps and bounds better then its former games. They really took Pokemon to a new level with this one. As a competitive player this game is the best for me. It gives me everything I need. Yeah their are some things it could improve on but I see many goods then bad's for this game. I Give it a 9 out of 10.

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2Pokemon X and Y: Review Empty Re: Pokemon X and Y: Review on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:53 pm


Woot X and Y

Wonder what they'll do for Z

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Seems like a pretty solid game. Don't like the whole Exp Share for 6 Pokemon tho, part of the fun was to train them but hey, I guess it's a nice shortcut. That Special Training caught my attention, i'm not big on EVs but I'm guessing this looks like a pretty solid way to train them instead of having to beat like 100 Machops or whatever

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