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Chapter 1: Knight's Beginning

My name is Brad Arkson, and for the longest time, I’ve realized that I may not be destined for greatness. I’m a plain Duel Academy student; I have below average grades,  and I don’t stand out much, what with my normal blonde hair, dull blue eyes, and a chubby looking body. I don’t even have any real dueling skills, everybody beats me. Especially all the bullies here. I go to a below-average school, filled with lots of bullies, gang members, and wannabe hookers and mafia. I’ve yet to meet anyone else in this school who is somewhat decent.

Basically, I’m stuck here. My family and I had a disagreement, so I’d lost my free ride into a prestigious school, where I bet there would’ve been a lot of nice people and cute girls. But because I’m so dreadfully average, my parents decided I belonged here until I was able to show that I could do at least one thing worth mentioning. It’s been two years, and still, I haven’t been able to do a thing. I’m beginning to lose hope, and I know that I’ll probably be here in this stinkhole until the start of my pitiful dueling career.

I had started to get ready to go home when I was pulled aside, and slammed into a wall. My feet couldn’t touch the ground, with just his forearm pressed tightly against my chest. It was choking me, and I couldn't breathe. Only one guy was that strong to hoist people into the air like that. I opened one eye, looking straight at my eternal rival, Roy Evers.

“Hey Brat. I see you’ve gained weight. Trying to get all blubbery, so it won’t hurt as bad when I give you your daily pounding?” Roy Evers, he was the school bully. Before he came here, he was the number one duelist in a previous school, but his anger problems got the best of him. Like all misfits, this was the last school that would take him in, after he’d promptly beaten a kid so badly, he needed to go to the hospital. The reason why? Roy felt like it, because he’d won too easily, he needed to beat him some more. Ten games straight, it wasn’t even a contest. After the final attack, the kid just fell in a coma, and hasn’t woken since. Luckily, Roy only duels when provoked, so if you just take his beatings, you won’t have to go through his ‘Ultimate Beatdown’ deck.

He’d given me his lashing, then I was finally allowed to go home. My body ached, I could already feel my arms bruising in places he’d hit while I tried to defend myself. Just makes him want to hit harder, I suppose. In any case, I was glad to finally be out of school for a while. It’s a holiday, some sort of memorial, so we get the entire week off. I was just glad it kept me away from school, so I could recover slightly from the daily butt kicking I always received. Every day, it was the same. Go to school, get my butt kicked, go home, painfully await the next day where I do it all over again. It was too bad I was completely normal. Anyone who was above normal would maybe stand up to Roy. Unfortunately, I was not that kind of person. I'm simply the person who takes it and leaves.

On the way home, everything was normal. It was turning into night, with a mild storm brewing. I couldn't shake the fact that I felt somewhat strange. It wasn’t from the constant physical pain I was enduring, that was actually normal; re-thinking that over made me chuckle dryly. No, this was different, I think I was being followed. Looking around, I noticed someone I’d never seen before on my route home. I merely shrugged, and continued walking. It was a homeless person, covered only in dusty rags, filled with holes. Why would he be following me, besides the fact that maybe he wanted some spare change? I looked back at him, and the moment I did, he rushed to me, running at full speed. My eyes grew wide, realizing that I was suddenly in danger.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I turned and ran, hurrying home. The beating from Roy definitely affected me, my sore muscles slowed me down. I knew I was in no shape to continue running for more than a couple blocks. Panicking, I looked for a way out. I ducked into an alley, hoping I’d lose him there. Instead, I was face to face with a brick wall. I cursed aloud, under my breath. Turning around, I saw the stranger right behind me, looming over me with impressive height. I could only fall to my knees, hoping he wouldn’t kill me.

“Please sir. I haven’t done anything to you.” I said, my fingers gripped the pavement. He said nothing, just standing in front of me, looking down at me. I then realized, in a sad, pathetic way, that somehow, I was not at ease. I’d accepted that I was lowly, and I’d lost hope in everything because I was such a hopeless wreck. I thought before that I could die and no one would care. Yet, all of a sudden, here I am, pleading for my life, as if I had some meaning still left. My hope had returned, all too late.

The stranger reached down and grabbed me, pulled me up to his level. He asked in a gruff voice,

“Who are you?” as he looked straight into my eyes. I gulped, staring back at his. He was also blonde, though extremely dirty, but his eyes were a striking blue, as if emblazoned with purpose. I gulped at the intensity of the man, then shakingly responded:

“My name is Brad Arkson.” He blinked, then set me down on my own two feet.

“My name is Ark. I am your ancestor.”

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This is really awesome! Good job Dudeguy! Can't wait to see more.

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He let me go. The moment he did, I took off and ran far away, looking back only once. He didn’t make a move to stop me, he just had this relieved sort of look on his face. At least, that’s what I thought it looked like, since I was running straight to my house. What was his deal? Who did he think he was, my ancestor? I just simply dismissed it and rushed into my room, locking all the doors and windows all over the place. I’d had enough of creepy homeless people for one day.


The next morning, I didn’t eat breakfast. Because of what happened yesterday, I couldn’t sleep, and I was in no mood for food.  I could only think about the mysterious stranger, and what he had to say to me. There was the initial doubt at first, but thinking about it further, I couldn't help but wonder, 'What if he was right'? If I was to believe that the man truly was my ancestor, which made absolutely no sense in context, what could he be doing here? Why would he confront me the way he did?

All in all, it was all very confusing. I simply dismissed the whole issue, picked up my bag, and went to school, disheveled looking and frazzled. Only on the city bus did I look back, at the alleyway where he'd pinned me to the wall. Seeing as he wasn't there, I felt relieved, 'Good riddance' I thought. Things were seemed like they were going to be totally normal, once again. I wished that were the case.

Upon reaching the school grounds, I was swarmed by students. People telling me all over that Roy had been looking for me. A wave of fear rushed over me. Roy only looked for me when he was in a terrible mood. I turned around, intent on heading straight home to escape his wrath. The moment I did, I bumped into a familiar face.

"Brad Arkson! We meet again!" It was Ark. He grappled me into a big bear hug that felt like I was being crushed. To be honest, I wanted that to happen. The awkwardness of being hugged by a complete stranger in front of the entire student body was bad enough to level a mountain. Embarrassed and cornered, I tried my best to wrestle away from Ark.

"Lemme go, you crazy hobo!" I yelled at him. He looked confused, but then it was too late. Everyone heard the loud roar behind us all.

"BRAAAAAAAD ARKSOOOOON!!!" Roy! He was charging straight toward us. Everyone scattered, Ark just held his ground while still holding me. Poor idiot was too dumb to know what was going to happen next. In a mad leap, Roy had vaulted into the air, fist drawn back, ready to smash my face in. I closed my eyes, shutting them tight, thinking it was the end. I'd be hospitalized just like Roy's first victim, and it'd be this big idiot's fault.

I felt the wind whip my face, and I thought a fist would follow suit. I felt nothing. Was I dead? I opened one eye to see what heaven looked like. I saw that I was flying! Until I crashed into the dirt. I wondered what happened, looking around. Behind me was Ark and Roy. It hit me then, Ark must've thrown me aside. But then, on further inspection, that wasn't all he'd done. Ark had blocked Roy's punch with his shoulder, taking the brute force of it all. He walked away, shrugging it off.

"Heh, not bad, boy." He chuckled, nonchalant. It made Roy even madder.

"This doesn't concern you, old man. Get away, so I can pound on my punching bag, Arkson." He made an attempt to shove Ark away, but Ark grabbed his wrist, twisted it, then flipped Roy so he was flat on his back; a surprised look was on his face, as it had been done in a quick fashion. The audience that was the student body returned, watching Roy be humbled by a complete stranger. This made Roy increasingly furious. He got up instantly, throwing a punch at Ark, who dodged magnificently. Roy threw more and more punches, Ark dodged and swayed all over the place.

"Stop moving around!" Roy bellowed, and instantly flicked his wrist. His duel disk activated, and he was about to use it as a weapon, keeping the pointed edge aimed at Ark's face. Ark replied with a flick of his own wrist, and there was a loud gasp from the crowd. He was going to be impaled on his arm, when a loud clang noise rang out. Ark had his duel disk at the ready. I hadn't noticed it before, it must've been hidden under his cloak this whole time. It was held sturdy, parrying Roy's duel disk.

"It seems thou shalt not cease. Then I challenge thee to a duel. A firm defeat shall slake your bloodlust, Sir Evers." Roy stated. He grinned wickedly, shoving Roy a ways away, then both duel disks activated, signaling a duel was beginning. Roy took one look at me, pointed a finger right in my direction. He spoke with extreme rage

"After I kill this guy, you're next, Arkson!" I gulped, then looked at Ark. I'd hoped at first that he knew how to duel, but pondering on his previous actions, I was just hoping his dueling skills were as effective as his fighting skills. I had no choice but to trust this man, for the moment. After both players drew five cards, both cried out in unison:


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Ark draws the first card, having provoked the duel challenge. He grins at Roy, then plays.

"I set two cards face down. Then I summon Evocator Chevalier!" Two face downs appear before him, as his duel disk conjures the image of a red knight with a simple scimitar sword. He is decorated in a fiery regalia, with battle kilt and helmet. (1900/900) "End turn."

"Pretty strong monster. What's he do?" Roy drew a card,

"Nothing. He has no effects." Roy gawked at Ark, then let out a huge guffaw.

"Nothing?! Then I'll kill it, just like I kill any monster. I special summon from my hand, Hardened Armed Dragon!" Discarding a card from his hand, Roy summons a dragon covered with bones. (1500/800) Roy plays a spell card to follow up. "Next, I play Monster Reborn! To bring back the monster I discarded to summon Armed Dragon! Come forth, Ultimate Obedient Fiend!" Roy raises his hand, as a ray of light shines down to summon the monster in the grave. Immediately, the area behind Roy was spewing darkness, as a towering, red figure rose. A monster who's strength was only rivaled by the gods appeared. (3500/3000) The creature was suddenly clasped by unknown forces, unable to move.

"That fiend is bound by the will of it's master. It can only serve you if it's the only creature in your control." Ark explained. As if Roy needed it. I think he was just assuring me he was still safe, a monster of that magnitude could destroy just about anything by itself. Roy looked pleased though, in a sickeningly twisted sort of way.

"Oh, but I know that. In fact, all I need from these two monsters is their power. You see, my deck focuses on making potentially the most powerful monster of all time! NOW! Sacrifice both monsters for a double tribute!" Both monsters had dissolved, into something more sinister and evil. Darkness overwhelmed us, as a monstrosity made manifest. A towering monster, made consisting of twisted proportions, as if constructed by multiple monsters at once. It's face was most sickening, as if it was in terrible agony and simultaneously fueled by rage. (5000/0)

"Maju Garzett!" Roy beamed at his marvelous creation, while everyone else cowered in fear. Everyone, but Ark.

"You've made a terrible monster. Monsters that would've gladly served you but instead, you combined them into this… Abomination." Ark observed. He looked disgusted, not by the creature before him, but by Roy's actions.

"What do you care? More importantly, what do I care?! So long as I have raw power in my hands, I'll do whatever I want. Now go, Maju Garzett! Attack his pitiful warrior!" Maju Garzett swung back, throwing out its mangled fist at a defending Evocator. Ark quickly flipped his facedown spell.

"Gemini Spark! I sacrifice Evocator Chevalier, a gemini monster, to destroy your wretched beast!" Chevalier's life essence was consumed, and converted into pure energy, which blasted at Maju Garzett, to no avail. The energy just splintered off of Maju Garzett's spiky body. Ark was audibly surprised while Roy just laughed.

"Maju Garzett was summoned by tributing Hardened Armed Dragon. It can't die to card effects. I knew your two cards were useless. Now die!" Maju Garzett's attack kept on, straight toward Ark this time. Without Evocator's protection, he would lose. He flips his second trap, with much regret.

"Birthright! I summon a normal monster from the graveyard!" Evocator returned in valiant glory, blocking Garzett's fist with just his scimitar. It was no use, as the force of impact shattered the sword entirely, blasting Chevalier to pieces.

Ark: 900
Evers: 4000

Ark was blasted back by the impact. A devastating attack, that nearly cost him his life. He could hear Roy laughing like a maniac.

"I told you, I'm killing you first! And this isn't even my ultimate monster!" Roy's classic taunt. He never really summoned his best monster in any duel, but he always bragged about it. An all-powerful monster, capable of ending games, as well as dueling careers. Duelists who got past his Maju Garzett combo got to see it firsthand, and that time was now.

"Go ahead then, end your turn."

"Oh, but I'm not done. See, you survived the attack. You should've lost when Chevalier was sacrificed. That gives me plenty reason to use my Ace. I special summon from my Extra deck, Death Knight - Great Maju!" Maju Garzett's haunting visage dissolved, revealing a knight coated in dark armor. It hardly resembled the devil beast from before, but looked as though it were much stronger. It conjured its sword, a beastly weapon that was as large as a man, and as twisted and demonic as the monster before. (10000/0) Ark gasped in surprise.

"It can't be... A Death Knight!?"

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Chapter 2: Knight's Destruction

Great Maju, the most fearsome monster, composed of multiple monsters and wielding a terrible, jagged blade, stood before a weakened Ark. (10000/0) Ark simply composed himself before taking his draw, a steely determination sweeping over him. Without a second thought, he activated the card he drew.

“I activate the spell, Gemini Arms!” He discards a monster in hand, then searches his deck.

“What are you up to?”

“By discarding a Gemini monster, I can search my deck for an Equip Spell.” After searching, he reveals 'Supervise'. He then swiftly plays a spell already in hand. “I now play a Swing of Memories! I special summon Evocator Chevalier once again!” Roy looked confused.

“How does Swing of Memories even work on him? Swing of Memories only targets Normal Monsters!” He was interrupted by the sudden summoning of Chevalier. He tapped his sword on his shoulder, before thrusting it forward, pointing at Roy Evers, taunting.

“Did you forget? Gemini monsters are considered Normal Monsters when in the field or the graveyard.” Roy Evers, completely filled with rage, had finally lost it.

“What good is it being normal? You only have your little tricks, like special summoning weak monsters with no power. No, I learned a long time ago that power is the key. And I'll sacrifice anything, any monster, just to be the strongest! You're no exception! Your pathetic normal monsters cannot stand up to a God!”

“You poor soul. Captured and twisted by the Death Knight you say you control. While you do not comprehend now, he will surely be the death of you. Unless, I make you normal again. And I have just the way to do it.” He activated a spell, the previously acquired Supervise. An Equip Spell, it connects to Chevalier. He was consumed by fire, until he managed to grab hold. His hidden power was finally unleashed.

“What's happened to him?”, “He's on fire!” The crowd nearby exclaimed. The fire danced around him, and swirled along his blade. Ark grinned, happy at what he'd done, or for what was about to come.

“Evocator Chevalier is a Gemini monster. When first summoned, he has no powers, but once activated, through a second summoning or through cards like Supervise. Now that his gemini powers are unleashed, I activate his glorious effect! Evocator Chevalier, destroy the Death Knight with Blazing Slash!” Evocator spun around, his battle garb fluttering in the wind, as his brilliant flames gathered on his sword. He unleashed a wide, vertical slash. The flames left his sword, blazing across the field, then consumed Great Maju. His twisted form was aflame, as the evil left its body. It then burst in an amazing explosion, releasing the darkness that gripped everyone. Roy was in a sudden daze.

“My father's best monster... The ultimate beatdown creature, destroyed by a normal monster...”

“Supervise activates, after leaving the field, I can bring back another normal monster from the graveyard. I have one other monster, the master of the Gemini monsters! Phoenix Gearfried!!” A massive knight appeared, wielding a large bastard sword, with an incredibly immaculate shield that matches his pearly white armor and faceplate. (2800/2200) Roy stared at both knights before him, in absolute terror.

“No, don't!”

“Attack!!” Ark cried out, and both knights charged. Chevalier danced along the field, slicing Roy with grace.

Evers: 2100

Phoenix Gearfried ran with purpose, then, without hesitation, thrust its blade through Evers' midsection. The hologram sword pierced Evers harmlessly, but it was as though he felt the cold steel enter his body. He fell down, on his knees, defeated.


Roy gasped for breath, then looked up at Ark. A terrible sneer was on his face, and his eyes had gone blank. He spoke as though he were possessed.

“You have no idea what you've done, Gemi-Knight. You unleash waves and waves of Death Knights upon you. I, Great Maju, perish, but my brothers will return and grant me swift vengeance.” With a choking gasp, Evers finally collapsed. Ark simply looked down at Roy's duel disk, the Great Maju card melting into darkness, fading away. He simply looked away, and before leaving, uttered the phrase:

“Thou art Purified.”

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Wait, this is Chapter 2??

I thought this was Chapter 5 O_O'

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