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Boom! Done! I even changed the title. This is the official story for In the Wild, but no it's Kings Game. ^^ I hope you guys like it! Also I changed the beginning a bit, so re-read that. Also that is not a spoiler, I swear. I'm just bad with little boxes.

Chapter 1: Grand Reunion

Chapter 1: The Grand Reunion

  The year is 2030. Twenty years ago a mysterious island arose near the coast of Japan. Scientists all over the world went to visit this strange “island”. Naturally, they found nothing, but since it was still a mysterious island, they continued to explore it. They decided to name the island: Avalon. After the legendary island in Arthurian Literature, and that’s when my parents came along.
  Even though my mother was 7 months pregnant, she decided to explore the island with my father. You see, my mother is a scientist, and she thought this was her moment to shine. My father on the other hand, is multi-champion world fighter. I know crazy relationship, long story. After a few months on the island, I was born. This slowed down my mothers search greatly.
  Shortly after my birth, my mother started having strange dreams about a giant glowing cube and a strange cave. Both my mother and father could not figure out why.
  Three years later, I finally reach the point of exploring with my mom. So she took me with her to find this cave from her dreams. After an hour or two of exploring in the deep jungle, we found a cave hidden by plantlife. At the end of this cave was a mysterious door. This door had strange golden designs on it with a large golden emblem in the middle. Quickly she started taking notes and examining this door. With nothing else to do, I tried touching the door.
  Once I touched the emblem the cave started to shake and the door began to open. That’s when humanity discovered the Cube. The Cube later named Omega.

  Blackness spreads across the sky. In the middle of a black, grimly forest, stands a little boy with chestnut brown hair, and beautiful green eyes. He calls out for his mother and father, but only darkness surrounds him. Once all hope of his parents is lost, the little boy walks deeper in the forest. Eventually, the little boy makes it to a cliff overlooking a bright, shining city. At the edge of the cliff stands a little blonde girl. Her dress is covered in blood, and a blood stained knife is in her hands. Tears are pouring down her face as she looks at the little boy.
  “Please! Run!” she starts to scream at him. The little boy stands there, but builds up the courage to slowly walk towards her. “No! It’ll make me kill you too!” She drops the knife. “Please save me.” the girl says as she slowly walks off the ledge.
 In a splitting second, the boy runs towards the falling girl. Without even thinking about his decision, the boy leaps of the cliff to rescue her. “I will never forget you! I will never let you die!” the boy screams as he tries to reach for her hand. Finally, he grabs her hand, inches from the ground.

  “NO!” an older version of the brown haired boy sits up. Panic screams inside his eyes, and sweat is beating down his face. He wipes away the sweat from his forehead, and whispers to himself as he rests his head, “Who the hell was that?”
  A loud blaring noise fills the room. The boy grabs the source of the noise. It’s a strange phone like object. Three messages are on the screen.
  From Mother- I’ll be spending some time in China. Have fun at school sweetie! <3
  From Father- I’m going to train some rookie in Raviel. Don’t forget to train, and show them what you got. Good bye Hawke.
  Today’s schedule. 6:00-6:30 A.M: Jog 5 miles. 6:30-7:30 A.M: Train new boxing or Taekwondo technique. 7:30-8:30 A.M: Take shower, eat breakfast, “listen” to morning announcements, go to school. 9:00 A.M-4:00 P.M: School. 4:00-4:30 P.M: Work on lifting. 4:30-6:30 P.M: Finish working on new technique. 6:30-8:00 P.M: Shower, Dinner, Relax. 8:00-10:00 P.M: Study.
  A small sigh escapes. “Better get started then.” Hawke stands up from his bed. His sleepwear consists only of fluffy pants. What’s real eye catching is strange black markings over his heart. The markings almost resemble sparks from a flame.

  Hawke finishes cooking his breakfast of oatmeal, slice of toast, bowl of berries, and a mug of black coffee. “Delicious.” he whispers as the smell of a nutritious breakfast enters his nose. A strange noise goes off. “Damn it.” A blue, holographic screen appears with a rotating emblem of a cube with wings. “Everything doesn’t have to look like Omega you know.”
  A few seconds later, the emblem disappears and a beautiful girl is sitting behind a desk. “Good morning fellow students. I hope you had a wonderful morning! Now for today’s announcements.” Hawke begins eating his breakfast. “For our first set of news, Mr. Edison will be retiring this. . .”
  “Blah blah blah. Useless news.” Hawke takes a swig of his coffee.
  “Now for this week’s ranking update. Guy Ziggler has passed the world record for longest amount of weeks holding the Rank #1! Congratulations!” confetti flew across the screen. “On the reverse side, Hawke Wilde has just passed the world record for longest amount of weeks holding the last spot! Rank #2,999! Congratulations.”
  Hawke uses his middle finger to show his appreciation. “That’s it for today’s news. Now never forgot students. Omega watches us, listens to us, and speaks to us. Obey Omega.” A hologram of the glowing cube looms ever so menacingly over his breakfast. Hawke slaps it away away.
  “I can finally eat in peace.”

  The sun is shining over the beautiful island environment. Instead of being in class, Hawke is sitting on the roof smoking a strange silver cigarette. Slowly, he puts the cigarette to his lips, inhales it deeply, removes the cigarette, but he does not release the smoke from his mouth. A slight emotion of pain emerges on his face.
  Loud banging comes from the door next to him. The door opens, and a young man with bushy, red hair strolls out. A goofy smile spreads on his face. “Did you know smoking is bad for you?”
  The young man slumps himself next to him. “I wish this was a cigarette. Then I wouldn’t have to keep the smoke in my body.” Hawke finally smiles, even if it’s a small smirk. “What did I tell you about skipping class Ringo?”
  “You skip class and still get all A’s!”
  “That’s because I study. Maybe you should take the hint.” he rubs his knuckles on the top of Ringo’s head. Once he’s done, Ringo takes out a battery. “Need help with that?” Ringo shakes his head. He raises his metallic arm, and sunlight reflects off it. His finger changes into a knife, and he cuts the battery open.
  Quickly, Ringo chugs down the battery's juice. “Could you not do that right next to me? That looks disgusting.” Hawke turns away from Ringo.
  Ringo throws the empty battery onto the ground below. “Well then, invent some super cool, replenishing battery I can drink out of, like your super cool, flashy cigarette.”
  “If you can capture the data of a being made completely of electricity into a battery, then I’ll personally make one for you.” A strange smile spreads on both their faces.
  “How did you capture the data of a fire incarnation?”
  Hawke hands him the cigarette. “I took a few months of work and data, but once I was able to make this capturing device; I was able to permanently seal it with sealing data. It was a bitch to keep it in there though, but now I don’t have to drink gasoline like those other fire data users.” Ringo gives the cigarette back to Hawke. “Are you still ranked 2,998?”
  “Nope. Someone new came in today. She’s ranked 1,000, so I’m now ranked 2,999.”
  Hawke frowns. “Damn it. Now I have to deal with that all day. For people who are 1 foot shorter than me, they sure have the balls to call me a loser.” he puts the cigarette to his lips, and begins to inhale again. “Are they giving you any shit?” Ringo shakes his head. “That’s good. So tell me about this new chick.”

  “Hey loser! Congratulations on sucking for so long!” a group of boys harass Hawke as he walks down the hall. “Hey loser. Did you hear? You’re now even worse than before!” This time, it’s a group of cute girls. Hawke does not even register there insults. Finally, he leaves the giant school building, and prepares himself for his jog to his house.
  “Hey. Where do you think you’re going?” a different voice than usual comes from behind him. A sigh escapes.
  “Look, I couldn’t care less about the ranks. . .” Hawke begins to talk, but stops quickly when he looks at the source. It’s a beautiful girl, with long blonde hair. “Wait a minute. You’re the new chick. What was it again?”
  The girl smirks. “My name is Elara Walker. Does that name ring a bell?” Hawke shakes his head. “What?! What if I told you that I used to have a ponytail?” Hawke shakes his head again. Elara stomps her feet. “How could you not remember me?! You told me you would never forget!” A very noticeable hint of angry is in her voice now.
  “You have me confused for someone else. I’m leaving now. Don’t stop me.” Hawke turns away from her, and starts to run. Once again though, Elara jumps in front of him.
  “I’m not done yet!” the smug smile has still not left her face, but it leaves very quickly once Hawke glares at her. His stare is like a piercing, frozen arrow. “Hehe. . . Sorry. . .” she moves away from him. Hawke can finally go home.
  A few hours have passed. The sun has finally set, and Hawke is beating down a punching bag. He is the only person in the entire gym. His black muscle tee is soaked in blood, and the bandages around his hands are starting to show blood. “Okay, time for the slam down.” he steps back a bit, “Right jab,” his fist moves at an incredible speed. A loud pop from the punching bag echoes through the gym.
  “Left knee.” his knee is slower, but the impact bends the bag. Another loud pop echoes throughout the gym. “Finally, slam.” he raises his right foot above his head, and then slams it down with full force. The punching bag breaks away from its hinges and explodes on the ground.
  “Damn it.” Hawke grabs the end of the bag. Slowly, he drags the remains into a closet. Some man comes out of a different room. The man throws a water bottle at Hawke, and he catches it easily. “Don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.” Hawke chugs some water, and then pours the rest on his body.
  “Sorry bud, but I tried my best.” the man’s face has disappointed written all over it. Hawke doesn’t seem to understand. Either way, he lights up his special cigarette. Suddenly, Elara comes from behind the man. This time she is wearing a pink overcoat, a black skirt, and to top it all off, long black boots.
  “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Hawke inhales his smoke. “What are you doing here? And why are wearing such a ridiculous outfit? It’s 80 degrees outside.”
  Elara puts her hands on her hips. “I control Data from the Water Side! Specifically from the ice section. Because of this-”
  “I stop caring.” Hawke dries his face with a towel. Elara walks up to him and crosses her arms in anger. “Look I already told you. You’ve got the wrong person. Try Guy Ziggler.”
  “Hawke Wild. Born 2010, November 21st. The day Avalon arose from the sea. Not only that, three years later, it was you and your mother that discovered Omega. This made you and your family have permanent residence on the island.” Elara has a smug smile. “You're also 6 foot 4, have an IQ of 146, and you've been training for the World Fighting Tournament since you were 5.” the man from before is impressed.
  “Good job. You Googled my name.” Hawke is less than impressed. While Elara pouts, Hawke begins to smoke again. Three short beeps go off suddenly. “Time for me to go. See you tomorrow morning Darius.” the man named Darius goes back into his office.
  Hawke throws the towel at Elara. It wraps around her face. Once she finally takes it off, Hawke has disappeared. “Hawke?! Where did you go?!” she runs outside. Well she tries to run, but her high heels don’t really help. “Hawke!” Elara screeches.
  A water bottle hits her on the head. “Shut up.” Hawke appears behind her. “I had to change.” Now Hawke is wearing a white button up and black slacks. “Now go home. It’s not safe when it gets dark.” Hawke starts walking uphill towards his house. “Don’t follow me.”
  “I already know where you live!” Elara yells back at him, but he’s already gone. “That probably sounds really creepy.” she tells herself.
  “Yes it does. Young love at it’s creepiest.” Darius says as he closes down the gym. Elara glares at him violently.

  Hawke walks out of the bathroom drying his hair with a towel. “Computer, turn on the Holo-Screen. Surprise me.” flickering lights are in front of the couch. A wide holographic screen suddenly appears with the title screen of Rocky. “Nice choice. My favorite classic.” Hawke begins to make his dinner.
  In the middle of the movie, the cube emblem appears. Hawke rolls his eyes. The pretty announcer girl appears on the screen again. “Good evening students. We apologize for the interruption, but we would like to congratulate Elara Walker on her first day of being a Data Hunter!” the picture of Elara is awful.  The picture of her makes her look drop dead gorgeous. Hawke continues to drink his coffee. “Just in case you didn't know. Elara was transferred in today at Rank 1,000. Good luck Hunters!” Rocky is back on the screen.
  After a few seconds, Hawke finally gave away to his curiosity. “Computer, search for Elara Walker.” a small holographic screen appears in front of Hawke. He grabs it and slides through her information. “All it says is that she was born June 10th, 2012. Making her 18 years old. Not good enough. Computer, search for Elara Walker through the Omega Data banks.” the small screen suddenly changes to a much larger screen, but a large red lock is flashing. “Password, Milkshake.” the lock disappears.
  Hawke throws the screen in the air. The entire room turns into a holographic pod. “The only data on Ms. Elara Walker is that she is 5 feet and 3 inches,” Hawke chuckles, “was born on Avalon, but she later moved to Raviel.” an A.I voice suddenly starts speaking to Hawke. He lights up his cigarette, and begins to inhale it.
  “Odd, I didn’t hear a Yankee accent. Anything else? There’s a reason only a few people could access the Omega Databank.”
  Beeping noises start coming from the A.I. “I have found more data. She has an average I.Q of 126. Her physical seems to show that she is at peak performance at acrobatics, but lacks in everything else.” Hawke chuckles. “Her performance in the simulation is excellent, making her Rank 1,000.”
   Hawke begins to drink his coffee again. “I have one more set of data sir. Before young Elara moved back to Avalon, she released this quote to the news station. She said,” beeping from the A.I begins. Hawke sets down his coffee mug on a glass table in front of him. “I can’t wait to move back into my hometown!” the recording of Elara starts playing. “More than anything, I can’t wait to meet my lovely childhood friend, Hawke Wilde!” Hawke’s face goes from mild joy to utter annoyance.
  “That’s Good enough. Thank you computer. You may go back to sleep.” Hawke continues to inhale his special cigarette.
  Beeping noises come from the A.I again. “One more thing sir. I found this picture.” a small blue screen floats in front of Hawke. His cigarette fell out of his mouth. It lands with loud thud on the glass table.
  “Computer, who is this? In the picture? Do I know her?” On the screen is a photo of a little kid Hawke standing in between Elara, and a blonde girl in a cute pink dress. The same girl from Hawke’s dream. “Computer? Who is this?” nothing answers. Hawke stares at the photo for a few minutes before he shuts everything off. “Play Rocky.” Rocky begins to play again.
Chapter 2: Grand Reunion pt.2

Chapter 2: Grand Reunion pt. 2

  A adorable, little, blonde girl is joyfully combing a doll’s hair. A slight knock comes from the door, and the girls parents enter. “Hello Elara. We have guests, and they brought their son. Meet Hawke. He’ll be playing with you while we talk.” a little boy with bright green eyes, bushy black hair, and a carefree smile enters the room behind him. Elara squirms a little from shyness. The parents close the door behind them as they leave.

  Little Hawke sits next to the little girl. “I’m Hawke! What’s your name?” he asks joyfully. Elara slowly cowers in absolute fear. Hawke tilts his head in confusion. Finally, he realized why she didn’t talk. “You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want too. I promise to be nice!” he picks up a doll laying on the floor. “Let’s play dolls together!”

  Little Elara is taken aback by this. In all her years, even if they were only a few, all the boys she have met wanted to wrestle, or play sports. But this boy sitting in front of her wanted to play dolls with her. “Don’t worry. I’ve played dolls with my cousins. I’ll do my best.” Hawke gives the final adorable smile that wins her over. Elara nods her head and joyfully smiles.

  The both of them have fun playing dolls. In the middle of playing, Elara asks Hawke a question, “Are you my friend now?” Hawke nods happily. Elara smiles again. “Don’t forget, okay?”

  “I promise to never forget.”

  A man, in a tailored suit, opens the curtains. Sunshine pours inside the room. Bright sunlight directly hits a sleeping Elara in the face. She shuffles around in her bed. “Madam, it is time to begin the day.” as cliche as it is, the butler is British.

  “Five. . . more. . . minutes.” she mumbles.

  “I’ve already given you five minutes madam. Now please, wake up.” the butler removes the covers over her. She sits up furiously.

  “I was in the middle of an amazing memory Syrus!” she complains. Syrus turns the shower on, and prepares it for Elara. “It was when Hawke and I first met.” Syrus waits next to a dressing screen in order to not look at Elara. She walks into the shower. “I will always remember him playing dolls with me. If only he could remember as well!”

  A small blue screen appears in front Syrus. “Madam, last night during your first appearance, your name was searched for 2,839 times. Most by men.” the blue screen floats over to Elara. “And before you ask, yes, Hawke did search for you.”

  Elara squeals. “I knew letting them talk about me would peak his interest!” Suddenly, she becomes extremely excited.

  Another blue screen appears in front of Cyrus. “Sadly though mi’lady, it seems your Hawke didn’t like the very miniscule information. He somehow passed through the Omega Databanks to find more information about you. He now knows your height, age, city you grew up in, I.Q, and physical condition.”

  “What?!” she shrieks. “He was only suppose to know when I was born! How did he even break past the security system?! Nobody has ever succeeded in that!” anger can clearly be heard in her voice.

  “But ma’am, Hawke and his family have full access to the databanks. One of the perks for discovering Omega. I assumed you knew this. Especially since you’ve been stalking him since we’ve arrived.”

  “It’s not stalking! There’s nothing wrong with researching your childhood friend, and following him throughout his daily schedule!”

  Syrus creates another holographic screen. “One more thing madam. It seems young Hawke also found the statement you said to the news station.” the blue screen floats over to Elara. “Specifically the one one where you announced to the world the true reason why you are coming back to Avalon.” all that could be heard is a loud, inaudible screech.


  The sun is now fully looming over the island. Instead of being joyful, Elara is slouching her way to school. Depression is clearly shown on her face. A few minutes into the walk, Hawke passes by Elara. Instead of Elara calling for him, she starts to follow him closely. Hawke either does not not she is following her, or he doesn’t care. A few minutes past and nothing odd or strange has happened to Hawke yet.

  Suddenly, a boy with bright red hair, and a metal arm runs up to Hawke. “Morning! I never see you on the morning route. Finish training early?”

  “Yeah, I thought I heard a dying, screaming animal early today. I went to check it out, but there was nothing.” Hawke replies. Elara frowns when she realizes she was the dying animal. “I didn’t know there was so many people that walk this way.”

  Ringo opens up a battery and starts drinking it. “Well then don’t spend so much time training! Then you could meet more people.” Hawke chuckles. “By the way. . .” Ringo begins to whisper. “why’s the new girl following you?”

  Elara freezes in place. “I don’t fucking know. She’s been doing it for a while. Elara! Get over here!” Both of them turn towards her. She jumps back, and then walks up to them. “If you’re that desperate to make friends, then meet Ringo. He’s lovable and is friends with everyone.” Hawke motions towards Ringo. He extends his metal arm. Elara has a slight emotion of fear in her eyes. “What? Have you never seen a cyborg before?”

  “Um. . . no?” Elara questions.

  Ringo retracts his metal arm, and extends his fleshy left arm. “Is this better?” Elara shakes his hand awkwardly. “You know I expected you to be more. . . spontaneous.” Hawke and Ringo turn away and continue walking. Elara decides to stay with them. “Oh, heads up, the Ranking Monitor’s are looking for you again. I guess they REALLY want you to use Data. Probably to even make your rank improve.”

  “Damn it. When are they going to learn that I don’t care about ranking.” a group of boys harass Hawke as they walk past them. Elara has a baffled expression on her face. “Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be sure to get the hell away from Cathy then.” a group of cute girls harass Elara to go over to their group. Once again, she has a baffled expression.

  “Why the hell are people bullying Hawke?” she doesn’t understand how rank is the most important thing on Avalon. “I mean, you’re extremely strong, smart, and attractive!” Hawke glares at her. “Hehe. . . that last one slipped out,” He turns back. “but I don’t understand why. Are you sure you don’t want to raise your rank?”

  “Aww, how cute. She cares about your well being. See this is what we need in our little group.” Ringo plays with Elara’s feelings. “But you see Elara, Hawke here hates Omega. And he hates most of the people who are considered “Hunters”, so he hates the rankings. That’s why he always surrenders when he fights for Data. I’ve been doing the same thing, but it’s mostly because I’m lazy.”

  Elara still has a quizzical look on her face. “I did notice that all three of your fights, you surrendered immediately. I was wondering why.”

  “If you watched my previous fights, then you noticed my challenger. All three of them were pathetically weak. I didn’t want to hurt them.” Hawke stares at the ground for a fleeting second. He looks back up, and continues walking.

  They are silent as they make it to their school. A beautiful girl with short black hair is waiting at the gates. She has a strange band around her arm, with the school’s emblem on it. “Time for me to disappear.” Hawke begins to run, but Elara grabs his arm.

  “No! You have to show them that you’re better than this! Excuse me!” she starts calling over the girl with the ponytail. The girl turns to look at the commotion. Her face brightens up when she notices Hawke. A devilish grin spreads across her face. Hawke’s eyes grow in fear. Suddenly they are surrounded by a group of boys and girls with the same band around their arm.

  “Hawke Wilde, you must come with us at once!” all of them take out a strange looking gun. Bright blue light shines brightly on all of them. “Come with us at once, or we will do it by force.” Hawke yanks his arm away from Elara.

  Slowly, he walks up to one of the students. He stands in front of the biggest looking one. Even though he is the largest of the group, Hawke still towers over him. “Go ahead. Try.” the man starts to shake in fear.

  Roots come flying out of the ground, and wrap around Hawke. “Well well. If it isn’t the famous loser Hawke Wilde.” the girl with the black hair walks up to him. “Still as sexy as ever I see. Too bad you are still pathetic.” the girl caresses his face with her gentle hands. Hawke glares at her viscously. “You know we’ve been looking for you for quite a while.”

  “You need better henchmen then. I live right down this road.” He replies.

  The girl laughs. “You must know why we’re looking for you right? It’s been seventeen years since you discovered Omega, and you still haven’t summoned your Data. Hell, you still haven’t even done a proper match.” Ringo and Elara watch the both of them in complete fear. “All we know about you is that you’re smart, and you have Data from the Fire side. So how about it? You fight a rookie? Maybe show your Data?”

  Hawke leans in until his lips are inches from her lips. “Fuck off.” The girl has a devilish smile again.

  “I was hoping you’d say that.” she backs up a little. The roots go back into the ground, releasing Hawke. “At the end of the day today, you must fight against me. In a ranked match. And you must summon your Data. If you don’t, then you will be expelled. Good bye sweetie.” she blows a kiss at him. The group of students walk away.

  “I’m sorry. I didn’t think tha-” Elara tries to apologize.

  “Just shut up already.” she stops talking. Hawke walks away from the both of them. Elara tries to speak to Ringo, but he dismisses her as well. She stands there. All by herself.

  “I just wanted to help.” she sheepishly tells herself.

  Hawke is sitting on a couch in a waiting room. At the moment, he is waiting for them to call for him. “Can you believe that the loser Hawke is going to fight Akeno?” he can hear a group of girls outside the room. “Are you serious?! But she’s Ranked #500! He has no chance.” the noise diminishes as they walk away. Hawke grabs a bottle of water, and begins to drink out of it. A large holographic screen is showing the entrance of Akeno. It seems like this match will be televised.

  Akeno is blowing kisses at the crowd as she walks into the “ring”. Ringo is on the top balcony watching her. Elara is also on the top balcony, but she doesn’t know where to sit. Eventually, Ringo gives up and invites her to sit next to him. She sadly sits down. “Look I apologize for before. Trust me, Hawke is a real nice guy when you get to know him. He just, doesn’t like hurting people.” Ringo tries to explain.

  “I understand. He was just like that when we were kids.” She replies.

  The crowd quiets down, and the announcer comes out to the middle of the ring. “Good afternoon and welcome to today’s match! Today we have the very lovely Akeno Rio! Nicknamed, Poison.” he motions to Akeno. The crowd roars again. Mostly male. “And we also have, for the first time, Hawke Wilde!” Hawke walks on the ring. The crowd is completely silent. He walks till he is in front of Akeno. “Wow! No reaction? Come on everyone! Get pumped!”

  Nothing happens. The announcer shrugs. “This match will be a ranked match between Rank 500 and Rank 3,000! That is quite the escalation! Let’s hope Poison doesn’t lose.” the crowd laughs mockingly at Hawke. He continues to glare at Akeno. “Now competitors, stand at your positions, and tell the crowd when you are ready to begin the match.”

  Both of them walk to their respected places. They turn towards each other. Roots come out of the ground, and surround Akeno. A large rose bud also comes out of the ground, but this one is different. Giant sharp teeth is clearly visible inside the bud. “I’m ready.”

  Hawke slowly unbuttons his button up. Underneath is a black muscle tee. He folds his shirt, and places it on the ground next to him. Then he slowly wraps bandages around his knuckles. “Can you hurry up?” Akeno places her hand on her hips. Hawke stares at her.

  “No.” Once he finishes with the bandages, he takes out his cigarette and lighter. He places the cigarette in between his lips, and lights the tip up. Ringo is shaking in his seat. Elara stares at him in confusion. Hawke puts his lighter in his pocket, and puts the cigarette in between his index finger and middle finger. “Ready.”

  The bell rings, and the giant rose creature rushes toward Hawke, mouth open. In those few seconds, Hawke flicks his cigarette in the creatures mouth. It stops dead in it tracks, and starts to choke on it. Hawke takes this opportunity to run at Akeno.

  “What in the-?” Akeno says in the seconds where Hawke flicks his cigarette. She watches as Hawke prepares to run. Quickly, she raises her arm to summon more roots, but Hawke has already disappeared. “Where did he-?” Akeno is cut off by Hawke appearing right in front of her.

  “Too slow.” he winds up his right arm. “Right jab.” he extends his arm at a blinding speed, right at her. The sound of cracking bones echoes throughout the arena as his fist collide with her face.

  “Left knee.” just as quickly, Hawke smashes his left knee into her gut. The sound of her ribs crunching fills the arena. Blood shoots out of her mouth.

  “Lights out.” Hawke raises his right leg as high as he can. Then he uses all his power to smash into back. The breaking of bones, and an inaudible screech comes from Akeno. She falls onto the floor, unable to move.r. Her eyes barely open, with blood coming out of her mouth. Hawke slowly walks over the plant. He reaches down the creature's throat, and extracts the cigarette. “Get out of my face.” the plant goes back into the ground. The arena is silent. He slowly walks up to the incapacitated Akeno while inhaling his cigarette.

  Hawke crouches next to her. He puts his lips next to her ear. “Never forget this moment. The moment where you lay on the floor, soaked in your blood. At the mercy of your enemy. And never, ever, underestimate me again.” Hawke stands back up, and walks away from the ring. Akeno’s eyes slowly close. Until finally, she can only see blackness.

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5Kings Game Empty Re: Kings Game on Fri Sep 13, 2013 1:07 pm

"First tag to be opened gets closed last."

Using that information and the BBCode capability, you should style your story so the text isn't so boring. When someone looks at a post, they want to read a post that looks attractive and well organized. This is even more true for articles and fan-fictions. Even so, I guess the story maters most. I will read this very soon. It's kind of long so I will break it into parts. By the way, like Devan said, "you suck". I think the last title was actually better.

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6Kings Game Empty Re: Kings Game on Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:30 pm

Yeah, a definitely bad title and kind of reminds me of Yugi. At first, I didn't know this was a fan-fiction until I clicked it. The importance of the title is to grab the reader's attention.

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7Kings Game Empty Re: Kings Game on Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:20 pm

Title wasn't that bad, just thought it was gonna be yugioh, was all XP Didn't see it was Misc.

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8Kings Game Empty Re: Kings Game on Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:08 pm

Great, write a story and get complaints about title. Sigh, fine, I won't use English Literature titles anymore. T_T Especially ones that relate to the story later on. Anyways, sorry for it being long. Chapter 3 will be out soon, and it'll be a tab bit slower. And for the title... I don't know. Help me out! I even asked for help from you title critics! But I got nothing! So please PM me something better. Thanks for reading?

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