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Persona 5: the Question

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I made this, like, MONTHS ago. I thought I would just post it. Mostly because I worked on it for so long, and I never showed it to anyone. I have not proof read this, so don't start a riot for grammatical errors. I will not be continuing this. Unless it because like the most popular thread ever or something. Thanks for reading this REALLY long chapter. Hope you enjoy! (I really hope this title isn't misleading)

                             Chapter 1: The Velvet Room

  A thick fog covers the area. Strange blinking lights come from inside, and a jet flies through quickly. Inside is just dark blue furniture. How strange that everything is a blue. A boy with dark brown hair is sitting on blue chair, fast asleep. Slowly, his eyelids open, and his beautiful emerald green eyes come out. For a fleeting second, he just sits there nonchalant.
  Until he sees a small man in a suit with an unbelievably long nose. A girl in a blue dress is sitting next to him. Her hair is as white as snow, and are in a twin tail like style. Something about her bright yellow eyes seem so distressed.
 Both of them turn to the boy. The bizarre-looking man grins widely. “Ah . . . it seems are guest have finally woken up.” his voice is odd yet intriguing. “My name is Igor . . . I am delighted to make your acquaintance.” Igor chuckles to himself. “Why don’t you introduce yourself?”
 The boy blinks a few times. “Gawain Knight.” his voice is calm and cool. “Where am I?”
 “Hehe. This is the velvet room. This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. It is a room that only those bound by a ‘contract’ may enter.” he directs his hand to show off the room. “It may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future.”
 The boy doesn't know how to react to this. “Now a challenge of some sort will await you. If you do not complete this challenge, your future will be forever lost.” Igor continues to smile. My duty is to assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen.”
 Next to Igor, the girl with white hair, starts tapping the book laying on her lap. “My apologies. I have neglected to introduce my assistant to you.” Igor waves his hand towards the girl.
 “Hello, my name is Isabelle. I am here to help you through your journey.” she smiles warmly as she speaks. “We will explain the details at another time. Until then. . . Farewell.” Igor nods a goodbye. Isabelle waves the boy good bye.
 Monday, April 11, 2016: Cloudy
 “We will be arriving at Magita City in approximately 30 minutes.” an announcement goes off on a plane. The boy from the room wakes up, “Once again, we will be arriving at Magita City in approximately 30 minutes.” he turns to look out the window.
 Sparkling ocean surrounds a beautiful island. Next to a lush green hill is a beautiful city, glowing with potential. The boy looks away from the window, and grabs a book from the inside of his coat. Time passes as he reads.

 The boy walks out of the airport entrance. His outfit consists of a black vest over a black button up with a red tie around his neck. The sleeves of the shirt are rolled up. Cool spring breeze hits him softly.
 Ringing seems to come out of the boy’s coat. He lets go of his luggage and takes out a phone from his pocket. Message from Mom appears on the scream. Good luck sweetie! Don’t forget, the apartment name is Raziel. We wish you luck. Love you Gawain honey. Gawain puts away the phone. Breeze continues to blow as he walks to a taxi.
 “Where to?” the taxi driver asks. Gawain takes out a small red book from his pocket. An address is written elegantly in it. “Oh Raziel Suites. We should be there in about 20 minutes.” slowly the taxi starts to move until its finally on the road. Gawain takes out the book from before, and continues to read.
 As the car ride precedes, they pass a strange looking skyscraper. “That’s the Frage building. It’s crazy how high it is.” the taxi driver tries to talk to Gawain. No response. “They say it houses some of the best scientists and work in all over the world. Heard they are trying to make robots. Crazy huh?”
  Gawain doesn’t look up. “I’ve seen enough of them to know that they’re nothing special. Yet.” he says as he flips the page. The taxi driver stops talking.
 Time passes by until they finally arrive in front of a elegant looking building. It looks more like a prestigious hotel than an apartment. “That’ll be 1500 yen.” Gawain hands the money to the taxi driver. “Welcome to Magita City.” he drives away.
 Inside the apartment, the lobby is pretty open. One side is practically a living room with couches and a television. on the other side is a reception. Gawain walks up to the reception. A woman notices Gawain as he walks up. “Hello mister. Are you,” she looks down at a tablet. “Gawain Knight?”
 Gawain nods his head. “Can I see I.D please?” Gawain takes out his wallet. The receptionist checks and nods. “Here’s your key. Your room is on the fourth floor, number 1. Welcome to Magita City.” the receptionist forces a smile. Gawain takes the keys and grabs the luggage.
 Elevator music plays as it rides up. Gawain starts to bob his head. Suddenly the elevator door opens. A girl with slightly long wavy black hair in a purple dress appears in front of him. She has black sleeves with a black shawl around her neck. Her eyes grow in shock. “Oh, sorry.” she walks next to him. “Mind pushing the 5 button?” Gawain pushes the 5 button. “Thanks.”
 Elevator music continues to play through the strange silence. The girl keeps looking at Gawain then the ground. Gawain just looks forward. The girl’s height barely reaches his chest. Cute little flower pins are on the girls hair. Her eyes are bright violet. “So are you new here?” she asks quietly. Gawain looks down at her. “I’m just guessing because of your luggage.” she says quickly.
 Gawain blinks a little. He looks forward again and nods. The girl nods. “Well its a pleasure to meet you. I’m Violet Monoko. Like my eyes. Hehe.” she awkwardly laughs in the silence, but stops quickly afterwards. “And you are?”
 “Gawain Knight.” he says. Violet hides inside her shawl. The elevator doors open to the 4th floor. Gawain begins to walk out, but turns towards her. "I hope I didn’t come across as strange. It’s a pleasure meeting you Violet." Gawain smiles warmly as the doors close. Violet right before the doors close.
 Luckily, or unluckily, the door is right next to the elevator. Gawain places the card in front of the door. It unlocks, and he walks inside to see a pretty nice room. On his left is a modern like kitchen with everything silver. In front of him is living room with a black couch in front of a large flat screen television. A sliding door shows the balcony.
 Gawain closes the door and leaves his luggage next to it. He picks up the T.V. remote as he walks by and turns the television on. Then leaves his book on a reading table.
 “Blue Swan, Yellow Owl, hurry! Unless we defeat evil, we can forget about a bright future!” Red Hawk the leader of the Neo Featherman squad is giving a speech to his comrades. It seems a giant mecha is destroying the city. Gawain walks outside to the balcony. Cherry blossom trees move in the wind beneath him. The sun slowly falls behind the hill. Quite a beautiful view.
 Gawain takes a deep breath and exhales. Its been a long plane ride. He seems to be very tired. “I’m going to crack your skull!” Gawain is slightly surprised to hear yelling. He looks down to see a boy in red hair hauling ass towards a boy with blonde hair.
 “Lets see if you can catch me!” the blonde guy yells as he sprints away. The boy with the red hair throws everything he can grab at him. The blonde guy easily sidesteps them. “Haha! Not good enough!”
 “You bastard!” both of them run off into the sunset. Gawain inhales the cool air and exhales. A cool breeze sweeps past him, and he goes back inside for warmth.
 “We are here at the most talked about event in decades! The wedding of Rise Kujikawa and Yu Narukami!” an announcer is on the beach. Beautiful wedding decorations cover the area. The famous idol Rise is in a long white wedding dress next to a man with gray hair. “There friends from Inaba are beside them at the wedding.”
 Gawain notices the best men and women. They all seem to be familiar. He turns the television off, and enters his room. A large bed is in the middle, with two cabinets next to it. Gawain notices a pair of clothes on the bed. The school uniform lays on the bed.
  It’s a particularly strange looking academy uniform. The coat is gray with white outlines. Gold buttons are arranged on the bottom. Seems like school emblem is on the coat collar. Its a kite shield with a moon on it. Gawain touches the wall, and an opening appears. He puts the uniform inside it. Then touches the wall again and the opening disappears.
  “Yawn!” Gawain covers his mouth. He begins to take off his clothes, and puts on some pajama pants. Time for some shut eye. Slowly he closes his eyes.

 Gawain is laying on ice floating in the air. Nothing can be seen, only blue skies. Underneath is just an abyss, with nothing but white fog. Chilling breeze wakes up Gawain from his deep sleep. He sits up and analyzes his location. All he can do is proceed forward, so he walks on the passage of ice. “What are you looking for?” a strange voice echoes throughout the ice passage. Gawain looks around. Nothing.
  “Is it the Truth?” Gawain turns the other direction. “No, not the Truth. The Truth has already been found. Is it the Answer?” the voice slowly disappears. Gawain starts to walk briskly. A spike of ice appears before him. He touches the ice, and the ice spikes enter the ground. Ahead of him is still just a passage of ice, so he continues to walk.
  “No, the Answer has also been found.” the voice comes back. This time the voice is much clearer. Gawain is closer to it. “I know. You are brilliant.” Gawain quickly runs ahead, looking for the voice. “Its the Question. You are looking for the Question.” spikes rises from the ground once again. Gawain touches it, but instead of it returning to the ground. The ice flooring shatters around him. A strange being with a chilling aura around it appears before him. Its face hidden behind shadows, but his eyes are a piercing ice blue.
  “The Question. That is brilliant.” its voice is strange, powerful, chilling, but still familiar. “Unlike every legend before you who has searched for the truth and answer. You look for the Question. The Question that must never be asked. The Question that must never be answered!” its shout booms throughout the passage. “You are brilliant! Now show me your strength.” a long sword made of ice is synthesized in Gawain’s palm. “Fight me!”
 Gawain has no other choice. He prepares the blade, and charges at the being. Ice spikes fly towards Gawain. The spikes barely skins him as he dodges them. “Good, but you still have to attack me.” Gawain narrows his eyes, and then he charges once again. He jumps up and pierces through the being. Gawain jumps back on top of the ice passage. The being barely even noticed. “Impressive. You haven’t even awakened yet. Brilliant. I hope we meet again.”
 Gawain suddenly loses consciousness.

 Tuesday, April 12, 2016: Sunny
 RING! A loud ringer wakes up Gawain from his deep slumber. He springs up with his hand on his head. RING! The phone screeches next to him. On the screen it says, Little Sis. Goooood morning onii-chan! U better not be late 2 school! Good luck! Bye! (o.u)/ <3.
 Gawain smiles while reading it. The phone turns off. Was it an nightmare? What could it have been about..? Gawain thinks about the odd dream as he takes a shower. Eventually he just forgets about it and changes into his academy uniform. Luckily his academy coat has a pocket big enough for his book. He grabs his bag and leaves. As he locks his door, a note is taped on the front. It says: Your school starts at 8:00. He looks at his watch, it says 7:00. His eyes grow. He locks the door quickly, and briskly walks away.
 Time passes by as Gawain reads his book as he walks. Cool breeze blows past him and the others as they walk to school. His hair blows softly in the wind. Violet walks in front of Gawain, swinging her bag in front of her. She now has her uniform, but she still has a black shawl. A rock hidden in the ground causes her to trip forward. Quickly, Gawain catches her and helps her stand up. “Are you hurt?” He asks.
  “No, I’m fine. Thank you.” Violet looks up to see Gawain’s face. “You’re the guy from yesterday! In the elevator!” Violet is beaming with excitement.
  “Yes, but don’t yell in my ear please.” Gawain lets go of Violet.
  “Oh, sorry. Thank you very much Gawain-kun. That would’ve been so embarrassing.” she chuckles embarrassingly. Both Violet and Gawain walk to school together. “So you must go to Skyvog Academy?” Gawain nods. “Thats so cool! Finally there’s someone new at the school!” Violet spins with excitement. Gawain puts away his book inside his coat.
  “So you’re a transfer student that barely moved in yesterday. Woah you’re not even used to the city yet.” Violet says. “Where did you come from by the way?”
  “London.” Gawain answers.
  “That’s awesome! I’ve never met someone outside of Magita City, let alone Japan.” Violet continues to ramble, and Gawain just listens.

 Gawain and Violet walk up to the gate side by side. Violet continues to talk while Gawain just listens. “Well I have to go now. Goodbye Gawain-kun.” Violet waves at Gawain. She walks off with a group of other girls. With nothing else to do, Gawain tries to find his class.
 Eventually Gawain was able to find his classroom. A man is waiting outside the room for him though. He doesn’t look like a teacher, so maybe he’s an assistant. His black hair is short and shaggy, with his five o’clock shadow on his chin. Something about his eyes are dull. Even his outfit is different. The top of his button up shirt is gray and unbuttoned on the top. His sleeves are rolled up. “Morning kid. You’re new right?” Gawain nods.
  “Perfect, I’m your homeroom teacher Mr.Takashi.” he extends his hand. Gawain shakes his hand. “Okay then, lets introduce you to the class.” Mr.Takashi opens the door. The class quiets down and turns to the front. “Good morning class. Today we have a transfer student.” he grabs a document on his desk. “Come on out kid.” Gawain walks inside the room.
  The students all stare at him like animals examining their prey. But Gawain seems to be unaffected by this.. “This is Gawain Knight. He’s not from Magita, so show him the ropes. You have anything to say kid?” the teacher asks him.
  “Pleasure to meet all of you.” Gawain says with a small grin. The students loosen up a bit. Gawain notices Violet in the middle of the room. She waves her arm at him.
  “Now that that’s over with. There’s an open seat next to the red headed sleeping idiot.” Mr.Takashi crumples up a piece of paper into a ball. Quickly, he throws it and hits the sleeping redhead.
  “I’m awake!” he jumps up from his seat. The classroom laughs.
  “Then stay awake Mister Kazuo! Anyways, that’s your seat. Hurry up!” Mr.Takashi directs Gawain to his seat. He walks over, and sits down next to the sleepy redhead.
  “Yawn.” the red haired boy covers his mouth. “Thanks for waking me up bud. I’m Jason Kazuo.” Gawain opens his mouth to talk.
  “Hey, no talking!” Mr.Takashi yells. Gawain and Jason turn to him. Time passes by.

  Afterschool. Gawain sits at his seat reading. Jason and another boy are talking with each other. “Augh. I can’t believe you made me stay up all night.” Jason says weakly. He looks like a zombie as he sits. Instead of the regular academy coat, he’s wearing a thin red military like jacket.
 “I told you to go to sleep early. It’s your fault for spending all night playing Zombie Killer Extreme.” a boy with the blonde hair is standing next to him. He has glasses on with a black tint to it.. Something about him is very elegant.
 “Come on dude! You saw my high score! It was totally worth it!” Jason instantly changes his mood to joyful. The boy with the blonde hair sighs, but chuckles soon afterwards. He notices Gawain sitting down reading.
 The blonde boy walks to him. “Hello transfer student.” the blonde boy has a warm smile.
 Gawain looks up at them. Both of them have interesting eyes. The blonde haired boy has dark blue sapphire like eyes behind his glasses, and Jason has fiery red ruby eyes. Gawain closes his book. “Hello. Are you two the ones that were running down the street yelling at each other?”
  Both of them look at each other and chuckle. “You saw that?” Jason asks.
  “I saw it from my porch. It was a nice view of seeing you guys throwing things at each other.” Gawain says calmly.
  “The porch?” the blonde guy says surprised. “That must mean you live in that fancy apartment, Raziel right?” his eyebrow raises. Gawain nods. “Woah, thats pretty cool. Living in your own room. That sounds amazing.” the blonde boy just looks away, wit though. Everyone at this school either lives in dorms, or at their house.” Gawain cocks his head in confusion.
  “Am I really the only one? I meet a girl named Violet there.”
  “Oh don’t talk about Violet. You’ll make me sad again.” Jason is back to zombie mode.
  “You shouldn’t feel sad about anything. You tried asking her out when she didn’t even know who you were.” the blonde hair chuckles.
  “She turned me down before I even finished my sentence though.” he rests his head on top of his desk.
  “Oh, I’m almost forget. I’m Wilson Itazu.” Wilson looks back at him. “Nice to meet you Gawain.” he extends his hand. They shake their hands. “Hey you want to come with us? We’re getting ramen on the way back home.” Wilson smiles as he talks.
  Gawain stands up and nods. “Awesome!” Jason jumps up in excitement. “Get ready to taste the best ramen ever!” Jason’s grin covers his face. “Lets go already.” the boys leave to go to the ramen.
  Moments later, the boys are at a restaurant eating ramen bowls. Jason eats through his bowl quickly. Wilson takes his time to eat. Gawain just eats regularly. Jason slams the bowl down. “Man thats some good ramen! Another one please.”  the cook puts a thumbs up. “So Gawain, what brings you to Magito?” Gawain looks at them with noodles hanging out of his mouth. He sucks them in.
  “I was bored. So I decided to go to new school.” Gawain says, he continues to eat the noodle. “These are some great noodles.”
  Both of the boys look at each other in confusion. “Is that really the only reason?” Gawain nods. “I guess that’s a good enough reason as any. Jason and I are actually from Magito. Been here since birth.” Wilson says. “I’ve never left this place. How’s the outside world? You’re from London right?” Time passes as Gawain talks about where he comes from.
  Evening. Gawain is still a little bit jet lagged. So he decides to go to bed early.

  Gawain is lying down in a pile of rubble. Dust covering him and everything else around him. A small rock hit him on the forehead. Quickly, he sits up and looks around.There’s no sign of life anywhere near him, but he still searches for life. He shuffles past the rubble, past the dust cloud. Hidden by the dust is Magia City, but instead of a beautiful paradise. It’s all rubble. The sky is gray and nothing is stable. Gawain looks around, utterly perplexed. Before Gawain can do anything, a strange looking robot comes out of the dust. Its armor is a faded yellow and red. “Life source! Life source! Exterminate!” Gawain falls behind a rock just in time.
  “Exterminate! Extermina-!” Clank! Something stops the robots from talking. Clink! Something heavy is hitting the metal. Gawain slowly peeks over. A minotaur with a upside down mask is destroying the robot. It turns the robot into a heap of metal. ROAR! Lights appear in the dust.
  “Shadow source! Shadow Source! Exterminate!” more robots appear from the mist, but these look much different. All of them have extra protection. They surround the minotaur. The robots and the minotaur fight. Clink! Clank! ROAR! “Exterminate!” Eventually all that is left is a handful of robots. They disappear back in the mist.
  “Shadows? Robots? What’s going on?” Gawain whispers to himself. He climbs over the debris, and walks up to the destroyed robots and dead minotaur. Gawain examines it. Its face has a mask, with a roman numeral of 12 on it. The robots also have a mask on them. There roman numerals are 8. “What do these numbers mean?”
  Something inside the robot is beeping loudly. Gawain sticks his hand inside looking for the cause of the noise. Eventually he finds something that turns the noise off. How strange that the noise just stops though. As he takes out his arm, the object starts to beep again. “What is that?”
  Suddenly a blue beam of light shoots from the robots. The dust all around Gawain quickly disappears. Both Shadows and Robots turn towards him. As quick as it has come the mysterious light disappears.
  “Life source! Life source! Exterminate!” the Robots begin to screech. Gawain looks around quickly for an escape route, but every route just has either Robots or Shadows. “Exterminate!” they begin to fire their guns. Gawain uses his arms to cover himself.

  Wednesday, April 13, 2016: Rainy
  An alarm screeches Gawain awake. Quickly he sits up with his palm on his head. He picks up the phone. Message from Isabelle. I just wanted to say thank you for choosing me for your journey. Sorry if I’m a little late! Gawain stares at the message until the phone shuts off. He sits their, thinking.
  “Chose? Where did she even get my number?” Eventually Gawain prepares for school.
  Gawain arrives in front of the gates, with his umbrella protecting him from the rain. He enters the classroom, waiting. Everyone sits in their seats, and the bell rings. Shortly after, Violet barges into the room. “I’m so sorry for being late! My alarm broke. . and. . . and. .” Mr. Takashi puts his hand up to shush her.
  “Shush. Just go sit down.” Violet bows, and goes to sit down. Time passes by.
  Afternoon. Gawain gets ready to leave. “Hey Gawain, mind helping me out? I have to carry too many things.” Violet calls for him. He turns to see a tired Violet trying to carry stacks of books and bags. Gawain grabs most of the supplies. “Thank you so much.” Violet relaxes for a bit.
  The walk back to the apartments is quiet. Suspiciously Gawain brings up a conversation first though. “Are you okay by the way? Yesterday you looked like you were on top of the world.”
  Violet sighs to herself. “I just didn’t get any sleep last night since I had a night shift at my job.” something about her frown just doesn’t fit her face.
  Gawain notices this. “Stop taking the night shift then.” she looks up at him. “I doubt I’m the only one that thinks you look prettier with a smile.” he looks back at her with a slight grin. It takes a while before Violet registers what he just said, but when she does she smiles widely.
  “Thank you Gawain. Maybe I should.” as they walk, Violet seems much happier.
  Once Gawain finishes helping Violet. He goes back to his room. Nothing else to do, so he just eats, showers, and goes to sleep.
  Evening. Gawain is fast asleep. The Dreams have not returned. Rain is tapping at the windows. Serenading him in his sleep. Tick tock. The clock ticks ever so closer to midnight. Ding. Static appears on the phone. “I am thou, and thou art I...” Gawain starts to move. His face changes to a painful expression. “From the sea of thy soul, I come...” Gawain opens his eyes.
  He grabs his phone.The static disappears. 12:01. Gawain sits there sweating. Panting, trying to steady his breath. Eventually he gets out of bed, and walks into the kitchen. Inside the cabinet is a coffee machine. He takes it out and prepares a brew.
  Once the brewing is done, he takes out a cup and serves himself. His worries disappear as he drinks out of the mug. Suspiciously, wind blows inside the apartment from the porch. Gawain decides to follow the wind towards the porch. Rain continues to drizzle over Magita City. The rain lightly taps the top of his head. Soothing his mind. He stretches and the rain hits his body. “So peaceful.” Gawain looks over the peaceful city.
  Slowly he finishes his coffee and goes back to sleep.

  Thursday, April 14, 2016: Rainy
  Gawain drinks his morning coffee on the porch. Rain lightly taps his head. Once he finishes, he leaves for school.

  Afterschool. Gawain stands up from his desk, preparing to leave. Wilson walks out of the classroom in a hurry. Jason sighs next to Gawain. “Stupid Wilson and his student body presidency!” Jason has a mocking tone. “Might as well go to the arcade!” Jason jumps from his seat in joy. Gawain decides to leave.
  Evening. Jet lag still hits Gawain. He decides to go to sleep early.

  Tick tock goes the clock, ever so close to midnight. Rain taps on the windows, serenading Gawain. Static returns to Gawain’s phone. “I am thou, and thou art I...” a strange voice comes out of the phone once again. Gawain moves while he’s sleeping. His expression in pain. “From the sea I come...”
  “Augh!” Gawain sits up abruptly. The voice disappears, but the phone is still in static. Gawain gets out of bed, grabs his phone, and walks out on the porch. The phone is just in static. “What’s wrong with my phone? Is it the rain?” He looks up at the raining sky as he whispers to himself. “I should clear my head.”
  Gawain grabs a shirt and jacket so he can go for a walk. As he locks the door, he grabs his umbrella. Something about the voice he heard is bugging him. Gawain opens his umbrella and begins to go for a peaceful walk.
  The city looks so different at night. Both beautiful and depressing. A strange combination, but somehow its relaxing. A full moon looms over him and the city.
  Gawain stops before a puddle. His reflection looking upon him. “Evening sir.” he barely grins but loses it. He walks over the puddle continuing his walk. The rain continues to gently tap on his umbrella. Eventually Gawain finds the park. A bench is overlooking the lake, so he sits there watching over it with his umbrella next to him. Rain drizzles on him as he looks over the lake.
  Violet runs through the rain with a book covering the top of her head. “I can’t believe I left my umbrella at work!” she yells to herself. “I know! The trees will protect me from the rain!” she runs towards the park. Thanks to the trees, Violet puts her book down. “Sigh. Thank god.” Violet walks through the park, and notices Gawain sitting on the bench. She runs up to him. Gawain looks up at her. “What are you doing here Gawain?”
  Gawain blinks. “Couldn’t sleep.” Violet looks at him confused.
  “Do you have an umbrella?” she asks. Gawain points to the umbrella next to him. Violet opens it up and sits next to him. “So you’re just looking at the lake with the rain hitting you?” he nods. “Haha. You are one strange guy Gawain.” both of them just sit their.
  “Why are you out here?” Gawain asks.
  Violet thinks about her response. “I took the night shift.” she says regretfully. Gawain nods. Violet stares at him. Rain continues to fall down his face. “Here. You should use the umbrella. It’s pretty cold.” Violet puts the umbrella over him.
  “No that’s alright. I would rather that I get a cold than you.” Gawain says. Violet blushes and puts the umbrella back over her. Gawain looks back at the lake. “I used to come to a lake just like this. Back where I used to live.”
  “London right? That’s pretty far away.” Violet replies. “I’ve never been outside of Magita City. I’ve always wanted to go outside of this island.” both of them continue their conversation. Eventually they walk back home.

  April 15, 2016: Rain/lighting
  Gawain stares out of his window. Thunder strikes in the distance. “Thunder. That doesn’t look good.” Gawain whispers to himself. He grabs his umbrella and leaves for school. As he walks to school. Someone runs underneath his umbrella. “You’re a lifesaver bro. My umbrella fell in the lake not too long ago.” Jason says. Gawain makes room for him underneath.

  Afterschool. Gawain packs his bag. Right before he leaves, Jason stops him. “Hey man thanks for this morning again. Stupid Wilson still has student council duties. Want to hang out? I think we can really become bros.” Jason says with a wide smile. Violet walks up to Gawain.
  “Hello Gawain. Last night was fun. We should hang out more.” she seems happy. Jason slowly turns his head towards her. “Too bad I got so wet. But you’re right. It was worth it.” Jason’s eye twitches a little. “Thanks for taking me home by the way. It was really dark out. Well I got to go. See you tomorrow.” Violet leaves while swaying her bag back and forth. Jason slowly turns his head to Gawain.
  “I don’t know if I should punch you or high five you.” Jason tells him. “Either way I’m leaving.” Jason walks out of the class. Gawain is confused on what just happened, but he just shrugs it off and goes back home.
  Evening. Gawain eats his dinner in front of the television. It seems there’s even more coverage on Rise and Yu Narukami. “Just four years ago Rise Kujikawa quit her idol position to live in Inaba. A year later she made a comeback for no explained reason. But she always did say someone important to her made her reappear. She has finally revealed that it was her friend, now husband, Yu Narukami.” the announcer explains more about Rise’s life. Even Rise and Yu appeared in an interview.
  Gawain cocks his head. Yu appears on the screen. Gawain changes the channel. “Neo Featherman Squad force! Transform!” Neo Featherman appears on the screen. Gawain changes it once again. Blood splatters on the screen. The blood is spells out the word Rising Dead. It seems to be a zombie movie. Nothing better is on.

  The dreams have returned. Gawain is sitting against a wall. Blood is covered on the wall near him. His entire upper body is bandaged. Slowly he wakes up. Everything around him is just toppled building and rubble. Back to destroyed Magita City.
  “What happened to me?” Gawain looks at his body. Next to him is his phone. He tries to turn it on, but it’s dead. “I have to get up.” slowly and painfully, he uses the wall to stand up. No idea where to go, he decides to follow the blood trail. Limping on the way. “Is this my blood?”
  The closer he gets to the end of the trail, air around him chills down. As he turns the corner, the blood trail ends. Before him a dark creature with two long chambered pistols floats before him. Gawain freezes before him. “I have found you Number 1. No mortal can escape death.” a frightening voice comes from the creature.

  “Good night everyone!” Violet yells from the entrance of Raziel. Gawain looks at her. She walks away. Suddenly she stops, and turns around. “Oh no, I forget my phone.” Tick tock. Gawain looks at his phone. Ding. 12:00 appears on his screen. Static covers the phone.
  Time freezes and the world feels strange. Building are crumbled, and blood covers the streets and walls. The ground rumbles, and the ground burst. Gawain falls over the porch, barely holding on. Something black with horns climbs out of the ground. A upside down mask with the roman numeral of 12 is engraved on it. “Shadow?” Gawain whispers confused.
  Violet looks up at it. “Argh!” Violet screams in terror. The minotaur grabs her.
  “Violet!!!” Gawain yells at it. He lets go and lands luckily on a bush. He jumps up. Minotaur turns towards Gawain. Gawain looks around and notices a wooden bat on the floor across from him. He runs and picks it up.
  ROAR! Minotaur prepares to charge. “Run away Gawain!” Violet yells at the top of her lungs. Gawain stands in front of it, ready for attack. Minotaur punches at the ground. Gawain jumps out of the way and swings the bat at Minotaur’s head. ROAR! Minotaur bashes at Gawain, and he go flying back. He slides on the ground. His face is in pain, but he still stands up ready to fight. “Run away!”
  Gawain’s phone is emitting a loud static noise. “I am thou, and thou art I...” Gawain takes out his phone. A strange look card appears inside it. “From the sea of thy soul, I come...” Gawain stares at it with a strange feeling.
  “Persona!” he touches the screen. A light comes out of the phone. Gawain opens his eyes to see an armored being. Its armor is shining white with elegant gold lines on it. A long blue cape blows behind it. It wields long shining swords. “I shall carve a path through the battleground for my master to stride across! Gallatin” Gallatin has the same voice as the one on the phone.
  ROAR! Minotaur throws Violet, and Gawain catches her. Minotaur charges at them. “Gallatin, Bufu.” Gawain commands. Gallatin raises his arm. It closes his palm and Minotaur freezes in place. “Now use Cleave.” Gallatin prepares his blade and swings his blade. It cuts right through Minotaur, and it disappears in black clouds. Gawain lets go of Violet and walks up to Gallatin.
  Gallatin bows, and disappears into Gawain’s soul. Gawain has faced his other self. He has obtained the facade used to overcome life’s hardships, the Persona Gallatin. Gawain looks at his phone. 12:00. It is still midnight.
  “Persona? What’s that?” Violet asks him.
  Gawain looks around. “Something’s not right-” blood flies out. Gawain voice trails off. A woman cuts his chest. Gawain walks back holding his chest. The women that cut him has long black hair, face covered in blood, and a short purple dress. “Violet?” somethings different though. A black aura surrounds her, and her eyes are bright yellow.
  Gawain turns to see Violet with her eyes open. The woman in front of her is not Violet. “Hehehe.” the woman begins to laugh quietly. “Hahahahahah!!!” she starts to laugh maniacally. “Of course its me. Hehe.”
  “Who are you?!” Violet yells.
  “Hehehe.” the woman begins to laugh again. “I’m Violet little girl.” she grins menacingly.
  “Why did you stab him?!”
  “Hehe. Why not?” her grin widens. Violet is appalled. “Isn’t the world so annoying?! Everyone is just annoying. Wouldn’t it be all better if they died?” she licks the blood off the knife.
  “No! Killing is wrong! How could you possible be me?!”
  “Stop deluding yourself. Screw everything and everyone! You just want to kill everyone that is annoying to you!”
  “No I don’t! Killing is wrong.” Violet starts to get quieter. “There’s nothing wrong with anyone.”
  “You would make such a great actor. Pretending that you actually care about the people around you for so long. You just don’t want to hurt their feeling right?” she pouts her lips mocking her. “No! You’re just afraid you be alone! So you just lie and pretend you care.”
  “And what is up with this hanging out with Gawain thing? Oh I know. You're just trying to get him under your spell because he’s the only interesting person in this entire city!”
  “S-stop. Please stop.” Violet looks down hugging herself.
  Shadow Violet grins once again. “Haha! I thought I was wrong? I thought killing was wrong?! And that I didn’t know anything about you.” she crosses. “Well I DO know! I wonder why I know that?” she taps her chin pretending to think. “I think I know. Because I am you! The only reason why you’re here is because you're hoping Gawain would see you in the maid outfit. Aww, it didn’t work. He’s still not under your spell.” She pouts mockingly again.
  “No, thats not it at all.” Violet is getting quieter. “I would never do that. Who are you?!”
  “Hehe. I thought I already told you. I’m you... Your Shadow... I am you and you are me.” she grins.
  “NO! There’s no way you're me!” Violet yells. “I would never kill! You are not me!”
  “Hehe... Hahah!!” The shadows around her begin to move unexpectedly. “Yes! Say that again! Give me the power to kill! I know you want too!”
  “You’re not me!!!” Violet screams. Gawain stands up straight, bat ready.
  She grins. “Not anymore. Hehehe!!” the shadows surround her. Darkness lashes around them, blowing both of them away. The shadows disappear, and a black and red butterfly appears. “I am the Shadow... the true self. I’ll kill anything that annoys me... Starting with you!” Shadow Violet flies toward them. Sharp knives come out of her wings.
  Gawain pushes Violet out of the way. He barely blocks the attack with his bat. Static appears on his phone. He takes it out. “Persona!” he taps the scream and Gallatin appears. “Bufu,” Gallatin raises an arm, and Shadow Violet is hit by ice.
  “Augh!” Shadow Violet shrieks in pain. “You bitch! I’m going to kill you!”
  Static returns to the phone. On it is a picture of Shadow Violet. Weak against ice. “Perfect. Cleave while she’s down.” Gallatin uses his blade to cleave Shadow Violet.
  “Augh!” Shadow Violet flies in the air. “Not good enough! Zio!” a lightning bolt hits Gallatin. Gawain and Gallatin go flying back.
  Gawain grits his teeth in pain. Blood is still coming out from his cut. Still he just stands up straight. He stares at his bat and grips it tight. “Gallatin, Tarukaja.” an orange ball of energy enters Gawain soul. “Bufu.” Gallatin freezes Shadow Elise again. Gawain charges at her. “Now its time for me to end this.” Gawain jumps in the air, and he swings with all his might at her head. She slams against the wall, and she turns back to human form.
  Gawain grabs his chest. Gallatin returns to him. Violet and Gawain walk up to Shadow Violet. Violet stares at her. “You can’t be me.”
  “You have to accept her. Even if you don’t like it.” Gawain tries to convince her. Violet stares at her feet. She looks back at her. Still reluctant to accept it. “I’m right here for you.” Gawain places his hand on her shoulder. She looks at him surprised, then smiles. She nods in agreement.
  “I know that you are me. I was too much a coward to accept it.” Violet builds up her courage. “I’m you, and you are me. In the end, that’s all that matters.” the courage on of one’s heart has broke past the walls of lies. Shadow Violet disappears, and in her place is a mystical girl with small wings and armored dress. Violet has confronted herself. She has overcome her true self; with it she has obtained the facade used to overcome one’s hardships, the Persona Rusalie!
  It disappears into her. Static appears on Gawain’s phone. He taps it, and the world returns back to the normal. Building are reconstructed and blood disappears. Gawain falls to the ground. “Take me to my room.” He whispers before he loses consciousness.
  “Gawain!” Violet drops next to him

  Sunday April 16, 2016: Sunny
  Sunlight finds its way through the window. The rays hit Gawain’s face. Slowly he opens his eyes. He inhales a deep breath and exhales. White bandages cover around his chest. Blood is stained on it. Gawain slowly sits up in pain. Violet walks inside the room with a glass of water. She’s wearing the same purple dress from before. “You woke up! Thank god.” Violet looks relieved. She sits down next to him.
  She hands Gawain the glass of water. He chugs the water, feeling dehydrated. “Do you remember what happened that day?” Gawain nods. “Do you know why you passed out?” Gawain nods his head. He points to his bloody bandages. “Oh, I can’t believe I didn’t realize that.”
  Gawain looks at his phone. “Sunday? I’ve been out for that long?” Gawain looks at her, and she nods her head. Gawain looks at the bandages. “Have you been taking care of me?” she nods. “Thank you. I don’t know how I can repay you.” he looks at her thankful.
  “No no, its fine!” she waves her hands embarrassed. “I should be thankful here! You saved my life from that monster. And from me.”
  Gawain looks up at the ceiling. “The Shadow. I thought it was only in my dreams.” Violet looks at him confused. “I’m hungry. Lets go eat.” Gawain gets out of bed in pain.
  “Don’t get up yet!” Violet tries to stop him.
  “I’ve been through worse.” Gawain buttons his shirt up. “I’m going to take my pants off. If you don’t want to look, then turn around.” Violet turns around, and Gawain begins to change his pants. He grabs his jacket and hands Violet her jacket. “I’ll buy.” Violet follows him out.

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