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DariusShan Duel Log Intro

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1DariusShan Duel Log Intro Empty DariusShan Duel Log Intro on Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:52 am


I'm Darius Shan. As some of you know me from Quasar Academy, I am the author/Illustrator for the "DariusShan's Duel Logs" that had 4 sucessful chapters! Now I am starting from scratch with the materials you guys gavve me in the public chat. 
    The story will take place during the "Underground Tag Dueling Championship", the biggest tournament there is in Neo Domino City, taking place about 10 years after Yuma's time. As a "Climax-Climb", I will have to create cards that are powerful to create a struggle for the protagonist(s). Below are the materials I have gotten from you. I have not quite started on it yet, but in the morning (about 3 hours) I will start working on a rough draft for the Prologue, Chapters 1,2,3,4, and 5. The chapters will not be more than about 5-10 Paragraphs. This will be like the chapters from the duel logs, play by play moves with stunning description, powerful emotion, and of course, maybe a relationship for the protagonist. So, if you have suggestions, post them on THIS post, not the one containing the chapters. It will help people read chapter to chapter smoothly. I will post pictures of made up cards on here, along with the effect, that way you know what it's whole effect was. Goodnight!!!


Favorite Yugioh character: Yugi, Yusei, Joey, Bakura, Marik, Zane

Favorite Card/Deck: Madolche, Noble Knights, Elemental Hero, Blackwing, Dark World, Zombies, Blade Armor Ninja, Gagaga Cowboy

Favorate Season: GX and 5D's

Character's Name: 

Companions: Tsukune Katsuragi, Aster Phoenix, Sebastian Truesdale, Syrus Truesdale, 

Girls throughout: Tea Gardner, Alexis Rhodes, Akiza Izinki, Serenity Wheeler, Tori, Rio (Shark's Sister)

Enemies: Pegasus, Chazz Princeton, Paradox, Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar, Yubel, Bakura, Dr. Crowler, IV, Jaden Yuki (Supreme King), Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Hunter Pace, Jack Atlas, Sayer (Akiza's manager)

2DariusShan Duel Log Intro Empty Re: DariusShan Duel Log Intro on Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:15 pm

Can you please add more information for each? I don't understand some of them like Champions. Also, consider using the "code" feature.

DariusShan Duel Log Intro ReOGreh
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3DariusShan Duel Log Intro Empty Re: DariusShan Duel Log Intro on Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:48 pm


Yugi Moto, King of Games- Main Protagonist in the Original series
Yusei Fudo, Turbo-duelist- Main Protagonist in Yugioh 5ds
Joey Wheeler, Runner-up at Duelist Kingdom- Yugi's best friend
Yami Bakura, Shadow Thief- Main Antagonist in Season 5 of the original series
Marik Ishtar, Main Antagonist in Season 2 of the original series
Zane Truesdale, Syrus' older brother, played "Cyber Dark" in GX

Kalin Kessler (Kiryu)- The Handless Demon- Played the first Earthbound Immortal in 5D's
Aster Phoenix, Destiny Hero legend in Yugioh Gx
Sebastian Truesdale, Original Character- Syrus Truesdale's Son
Syrus Truesdale, Main Companion in Yugioh GX

Pegasus, The creator of duel monsters
Chazz Princeton, The main Antogonist in Yugioh GX
Paradox, The villian who plays malefics in Yugioh: Bonds Beyond time
Seto Kaiba, The main antagonist in the origiannl series
Marik Ishtar, the secondary antagonist in the originnal series
Yubel, Jaden's Trumph card when he was a child (Duel Spirit)
Bakura, Another antoganist from the original series
Dr. Crowler, The Chancellor at Duel Academy
IV, Gimmick Puppet Player- Tron's son
Jaden Yuki (Supreme King), Evil side of Jaden Yuki
Rex Raptor, Minor Villian from the original
Weevil Underwood, Minor villian from the original
Hunter Pace, Minor Villian in Yugioh 5ds
Jack Atlas, Yusei's childhood friend
Sayer (Akiza's manager), Tried to control Akiza throughout the first season of Yugioh 5ds

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Favorite Yugioh character: Yusei, Joey
Favorite Card/Deck: Shooting Quasar Dragon, Synchro Decks
Favorate Season: 5ds
Character's Name: Kaminari Doraiba
Companions: Aster Phoenix
Girls throughout (ones I barely know go last): Akiza  Izinki, Alexis Rhodes, Rio, Serenity Wheeler, Tori
Enemies: Paradox

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