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Starter's Guide

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1 Starter's Guide on Sun Aug 25, 2013 6:13 pm

Starter’s Guide

Who We Are

  1. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Universe is a forum which offers various kinds of tournaments, events, and games. Our intention is to provide the best online dueling experience to our members as well as being an active and quality forum. In the past, we tried calling ourselves an academy but then realized that being an academy isn’t something we want to do. We still offer the features other academies do but we don’t just emphasis on that. We also want to offer a variety of things that other forums do not. We will continuously work on improving the forum with great ideas with your help of contributing.

The Ranking System

  1. Our ranking system here is based off points and contribution and provides an enthusiastic dueling environment for duelists of all level. We have 3 ranks which are displayed on your profile, posts, and messages. The information on each rank is provided below.


  • You would begin with this rank as soon as you join the forum. This rank may symbolize the lowest dorm if you were talking about an academy.  There are no requirements for being in part of this group. Until you rank up into a higher rank, you will stay in this group.


  • To be part of this group, you must have at least 25 points and 100 posts.  This rank may symbolize the middle class dorm if you were talking about an academy. If you are part of this ranking group and your rank image hasn’t changed, please contact an administrator.


  • The word Elite itself shows that this rank belongs to the most experienced and contributing duelists of the academy. To be part of this group, you must have at least 60 points and 300 posts. If you are part of this group and your rank image hasn’t changed, please contact an administrator.

The Leaderboard

  • The Leaderboard displays individual ranks depending on the number of points you have. The Leaderboard will be updated every week and the top user there will be displayed on our portal with their stats. Even if you are an Elite member of the forum, you can still look forward to achieving top spot on the leaderboard.

Obtaining Points & Achievements

  1. You can keep track of how many points you have through your profile which should show the updated amount. To obtain points, you must be an active participant of activities offered on the forum. Tournaments, special events, games, classes, and such have awards in points and achievements. You can also get some points from our Duel Arenas by dueling other members of the forum. Qualifying for an achievement will also give an extra award. An achievement will be displayed in your signature field if you have any. If you should have one and it is not displayed, please contact an administrator.

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Starter's Guide Updated.

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