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1Achievements Empty Achievements on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:20 pm

Once we have the user bars for the achievements, we will be using those. However, currently we are working on them so instead the achievement will be given in text and replaced with the user bars later in time. Along with each achievement you will be given 1 point. If you qualify for any of the achievements we offer please reply to this thread with proof. More achievements will be added soon.

Achievements wrote:
Tournament Winner:
Have Won a Tournament

Duel Enthusiastic:
Completed 10 Duel Arena Duels

Tag Enthusiastic:
Have Completed 3 Tag Arena Duels

Deck Constructer:
Have Been Thanked For Helping in Deck Construction Factory

Top Ranked Duelist:
Have Topped in the Leaderboard in Any Update.

Article Writer:
Have Wrote 2 Articles That Have Been Approved for Award.

Pro Duelist:
Have a Win Percentage of 85 + (Must Have Completed 20 Duels)

Duelist of the Month:
Have Been Duelist of the Month

Have 100 Contribution Points

Have 10 Reputation Points

Defeat a Tier 1 Deck with Non-Tier 1 or 2 Deck (Must be Done in Duel Arena With Screenshot)

Have Completed 10 Lessons

I Keep Trying:
Have Failed to Complete 5 Lessons

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