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1Yu-Gi-Oh! Sigma Empty Yu-Gi-Oh! Sigma on Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:25 pm

This is a quite old fan fic, but I did redo it a bit, so have fun reading it! :D(I also suck at making proper paragraphs on a forum)

             Chapter 1: Virtue's First Request

  There he was. Sitting in front of me. Reading a book with the wind hitting his face gently. His hair is dark brown, and he has beautiful green eyes. Something about him seemed odd. Different at the very least. I couldn’t place a finger on it though. Maybe it’s what he’s wearing. He has a black suit vest with a dark brown button up underneath. A red tie is around his neck, and a strange black watch is on his left wrist. He looks like a secret agent looking for someone. Who is he? Why is he here? This subway is heading for the Academy tryouts. Maybe he’s a duelist like me. That means it wouldn’t be weird going up to him, right? Who am I kidding. Might as well just sit here and wait till we get there.

  The hovering subway slows down to a stop. The man with the green eyes waits till everyone on the subway gets off. Once he gets out, he stares at the crowds of people flocking towards the Coliseum. The Coliseum is what the name says. A place where people duke it out for a crowds enjoyment. Instead of fist to fist though, it’s dueling. Card dueling is still number one in this world. And because of this the Coliseum holds the “tryouts” for SDA. More commonly known as Sigma Duel Academy.
  More crowds of people go towards the Coliseum, so the man follows right behind them.
  “All applicants for Sigma Academy please come to the Deck Authorization desk. Have a great day.” a holographic girl talks to the crowd. Holograms of both women and men are talking to the crowd in different languages. The Green Eyed man follows the direction for the Authorization desk. A long line awaits him.
  While the man is waiting, the girl that was staring at him on the subway crashes into him from behind. “I’m so sorry. I tripped on my own foot.” the girl quickly apologizes to him. She has dark brown wavy hair with small flower pins on the side. Dark purple eyes match her purple dress with long black sleeves. A strange black shawl is wrapped around her neck.
  “It’s alright. It was an accident.” he stops her before she rambles. “Just be careful.” she nods back at him. The girl stares at him curiously.
  “You’re that one weird guy on the subway!” the man raises an eyebrow to this. He is one head taller than her. Making her tiny in comparison. “That probably sounds bad. I meant that you just seemed so different than everyone else.”
  “Different how? Was I doing something strange?”
  “No not at all. You just seemed different. That’s all.” this explanation causes an awkward silence between. “I’m Violet by the way. And you are?” before the man can answer a loud speaker cuts him off.
  “Next in line please.” to this the man nods a goodbye to Violet and goes to the office. Instead of a hologram waiting for him. It’s a women in a suit. “Have a seat Mr. Hawke.” the woman instructs Hawke to sit in the chair in front of her. “It’s not everyday that Sigma Academy gets an applicant from the Americas. Especially one with your history.”
  “I hope that’s a good thing.” the woman looks through some documents.
  Once she is finished, she takes out a small box of some kind. “May I see your deck Mr. Hawke.” Hawke takes out his deck from his deck holder. “I’ll handle it very carefully, don’t worry.” she places the deck inside the machine and a holographic display appears in front of her. As she looks through the deck her eyes grow at a certain card. “Is that a-”
  “Yes it is.” Hawke cuts her off. “I’d like to keep it on a down low though. Rare cards always attract the wrong crowd.” she nods to this.
  Once she finishes looking at his deck. She gives it back to him. “Here’s a slip for them to know you are an applicant. Good luck in your duel Mr. Hawke.” he nods a goodbye and heads off.

  With nothing else to do Hawke waits patiently at the stands. Watching carefully at the duels being played. During one of the duels, one of the contenders is absolutely destroyed by the teacher. “And there’s someone with their dreams crushed.” Hawke whispers.
  A sudden tap on his shoulder makes Hawke turn around. “Mind if I sit here?” a cute girl with long light brown hair stands before him. She has a yellow blouse with short shorts. Simple I guess.
  “Go ahead.” Hawke says and looks back at the duels. The girl abruptly sits down. Just like Hawke she watches the duels very closely. “The one on the right is about to win.” the girl turns to look at the duel Hawke referred to.
  The applicant has 200 LP left with nothing on the field. While the test has a Machina Fortress on the field. “You mean the one where the guy has 200 LP left? And no monsters? Yeah right.”
  Hawke holds up a strange blue chip. “Bet you five credits.” he looks at her with a cocky grin.
  She smiles. “You’re on.” the boy who they bet on has drawn a card.
  “I activate my spell card, Monster Reborn!” suddenly a giant monster appears on the battlefield. The boy commands it to attack Fortress to win him the game.
  The girl gives him five credits. “Damn it. Looks like you win. How could you possibly know he would win?”
  “No clue actually. Just had a feeling he would.” Hawke says as he puts away his wallet. “I’m Hawke by the way.”
  She seems surprised by the sudden introduction. “Call me Liz.” Both of them fall silent after this. Hawke notices a girl walking onto the field. It’s Violet from before. Maybe it’s her turn to duel, but she looks like a lost puppy down there.
  Eventually she finds where she needs to stand at. A tester comes out and prepares the duel. “Is that Violet? What is she doing here?” Liz whispers to herself. Violet and the Tester bow before the duel begins. Quickly they turn their Holo-Disk on and the duel has begun.
  Hawke examines the way Violet duels. Every play she does gives off signs of fear. Even when it looks like she would win, she stops abruptly from fear. “She’s always been like that, but only with dueling for some odd reason.” Liz suddenly tells Hawke.
  “She’s an amazing duelist, but her fear always seems to stop them.” Liz continues to explain. “There’s no reason why she’s here. Her fear is just going to stop her.”
  Hawke sits back. “Give her a chance. She’s about to win anyways.” Liz raises an eyebrow. Violet draws a card. Currently she has nothing on the field, and her opponent has a set card and a Cyber Dragon.
  “I activate Mystical Space Typhoon!” a tornado destroys the Tester’s set card. “Now I summon Mewfeuille, and activate its effect to special summon Hootcake.” a cute cat and an owl appears on the field. “Now I activate Hootcake’s effect to banish Magileane from my grave in order to special summon Messengelato. Thanks to the messenger I get the field spell from my deck.” Violet activates a field spell causing the field to turn into Candyland.
  “Time to finish you off! Messenger sacrifice yourself to defeat Cyber Dragon!” both the dragon and Messengelato explode. “Finish him off Mew and Hoot!” the Tester loses his LP. Violet jumps from joy.
  “Well I’ll be damned.” Liz says. “Can you like see into the future or something?”
  “No. Throughout the entire duel she’s been holding back until she knew when to finish him.” Hawke explains.
  A few minutes later Violet appears looking for a seat. “Violet!” she turns and smiles when she notices Liz. Quickly she finds her way to them. “Good job not breaking under pressure!”
  Violet nods with a smile. She turns to look at Hawke. “Oh! It’s you again. I never go your name by the way.”
  “My name is Hawke. Pleasure meeting you Violet.” Violet bows and says pleasure meeting you as well. “Liz you’re next right?”
  Liz’s eyes grow. “You’re right! I’ll see you two later. Bye!” Liz yells as she dashes away. Violet sits down next to Hawke. An awkward silence is between them.
  Violet starts to fidget in her seat. Something about Hawke keeps making her stare at him. Something about him reminds her of someone. “Is Hawke your first name?”
  Hawke looks back down at her. “No, my first name is Gremory.”
  This causes Violet’s eyes to widen. “Wait! Hawke Gremory from the Americas?!”
  “Violet.” she looks up at Hawke. “I don’t want to talk about myself right now.” she nods. “Is Liz any good?”
  “She’s the best! Liz was the best at our school.”
  “Good. Then this should be fun.”
  Liz and the Tester bow before the duel begins. Both of them draw, and Liz goes first. “I summon War God - Yamato, and activate his effect to add one War God and discard one card from my hand.” Liz takes a card from her deck, and discards the same card to her grave. “I end my turn.”
  The Tester draws a card. “I special summon-” as the Tester begins explaining, something catches Hawke’s ear.
  A man in a white academy uniform is talking smack about Liz a couple of rows in front of him. His hair is snow white, and his voice reeks of snob. “What a stupid girl. Leaving her monster all by herself! I really don’t know why these commoners even try to come to the academy.” the group of other boys next to him laugh.
  Hawke rips out a page from the guide. He crumples it up and aims for the snob’s head. “Violet, watch me hit this prick’s head.” Violet looks at the white haired man. Hawke chucks the crumbled ball. “Hey idiot!”
  The white haired man starts turning toward Hawke. “What did you just call me commoner?” the white haired man has bright yellow eyes.
  “It’s Hawke. And I said you’re an idiot. She sent Murakumo to the grave. Which destroys face-up cards. So it doesn’t matter what the Tester does. Think before you talk. Maybe next time you’ll look less stupid.”
  The group of men stand up, ready to fight. Violet sinks down in her chair. “You better watch what you say to Vincent Kingsley!” one of the group members yells at Hawke.
  Hawke stares at him. “Or what?” At once the group starts to walk towards him, but are quickly stopped by Vincent.
  “Don’t act barbaric. Now, Hawke is it? Let us act like civilized men. Duel me.”
  Hawke lays back in his chair. “I’d rather just beat up your friends, but that’s fine with me.” the friends crack their knuckles and sits back down. Vincent turns back, but with a strange smile on his face. Soon after he leaves in a hurry. “Violet.” Violet looks up at Hawke. “Don’t be afraid. I’ll be right here to make sure they don’t touch you.” Violet seems to be happy about this, and sits back up.
  They pay attention to the duel again. It seems Liz did use Murakumo to destroy one of the Tester’s monsters, but Yamato was still destroyed, and two monsters are left on the field.
  Liz draws a card. She smiles widely. “This is the part where you lose by the way.” Liz says cockily. “I activate my spell card, War God Advent, to special summon Yamato and Murakumo. And with those two I overlay them to xyz summon, War God Emperor- Susanoo!”
  Lightning sparks on the field, and a giant dark hole appears on the ceiling. A being of gold like armor flies onto the field. “Now for his effect to make me get Habakiri from my deck.” she takes out a card from her deck. “Finish them Susanoo.” the War God zooms towards the monsters. “Habakiri, let Susanoo use you to defeat his foes.” a bird of light appears on the field. Susanoo’s attack is doubled, and since he can attack for each monster. The game is over.
  Liz walks off the field without even looking at the crowd. Hawke starts to laugh. Violet looks at him with a raised eyebrow. “Sorry about that. She just absolutely destroyed him.” Something about Hawke’s genuine smile surprises Violet. Liz quickly appears back to them.
  “How did I do?”
  “Pretty good if I do say so myself.” Hawke compliments her. She seems happy by this. “By the way, some snob kid talked smack about you. So I yelled at him. Now we’re going to duel.”
  Liz is shocked by this news. “Thank you, but who was it?”
  Violet decides to answer this question. “His name was Vincent Kingsley. He had a very stylized Utopia Dorm uniform and white hair. Do you know him?” Once again Liz is shocked.
  “Vincent Kingsley?! You mean the number one duelist in the second year?!” Liz yells at them. Violet nods sadly. “Hawke are you insane?! He owns half of the city! I mean thank you for defending me, but I can handle it!”
  Hawke thinks for a few seconds. “I guess I have nothing to say, but Liz you should remember one thing about me. I will never let someone talk about my friend like that.” Hawke stands up. “My match is going to begin soon. I’ll see you two later.” he leaves them before Liz can say anything.

  Time goes by very slowly as Hawke waits for his match. He looks at his watch just to make sure. “I could’ve swore she said the duel was thirty minutes ago.” Suddenly an announcement goes off about the final duel of the day. The announcer even said Hawke would be the final “contender”. Nothing to do then just go on the field.
  Hawke to his spot on the field. For some odd reason, he’s the only one their. The crowd just stares at him. Hoping for him to do something. Suddenly the floor where the Tester should be begins to open, and an elevator type platform raises someone familiar.
  “Hello again commoner.” Vincent reveals his snobby face. Hawke sighs silently.
  “That explains literally everything.” Hawke responds. Both of them activate their Holo-Disks. Hawke has a special kind that comes out of his watch. While Vincent has a white version.
  “I want you to know commoner that all of this could’ve been avoided. Now get ready to see a crowd laugh at you for how pathetic you are.” Vincent says with a creepy smile. Both of them draw cards.
  Hawke rolls his eyes. “Taunting is for the weak. Real men fight on the battlefield, so shut up and make a move.” Hawke draws his sixth card.

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2Yu-Gi-Oh! Sigma Empty Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Sigma on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:13 pm

I like it. This gives me inspiration so now I think I'll do a little something.......

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