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Dueling Systems

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Dueling Systems

The forum uses Dueling Network to run it's tournaments and events and may also occasionally use YGOPro by Percival18. To give credit to both hosts, I would like to provide you with the following information.

Dueling Network was created in 2011 and has become a great success with around 7000 players on simultaneously. It has a large database of cards and updates frequently. Dueling Network is a browser game that requires Flash and may run on some phones/tablets.

YGOPro was just recently created in 2012 and provides automatic dueling. Some people may prefer manual because it is more similar to real life and you need more skills. However, YGOPro provides tag team dueling (2v2). Percival is NOT the creator of the game but is responsible for translating, managing, and running the English version. A few Chinese duelists created the original version. Please make sure to have the latest version of the game if you are going to use it to play in our Tag Arena and Tournaments.

Important: You may not use YGOPro in tournaments and events/arenas that do not clearly state you are to or allowed to. Currently you may only use it in our  Arenas. Once our user database increases we will add more activities with YGOPro.

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